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  • Handle With Care book

    USPS postman literally jammed a stiff white UPS mail innovations cardboard envelope into my postal mailbox so hard it took me a good 10 minutes of very hard work to get it out.

    The mailman apparently doesn't like those big white cardboard book mailers, and is too dratted lazy to bring it up to my house.

    Anyway, Handle With Care is a book I won from GoodReads on May 30. Since I have won absolutely nothing so far in June, I am happy to be reading the book tonight.

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    Congrats and sorry about the mailman! I have a LARGE size mailbox and those type usually fit in easily or sideways they slide in. Sorry about the issue.


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      Audrey, you mailman is like my main one. Today he didn't luck up had to get off truck. I had ordered Pops 3 of the lucky stuff today. And come in a big cardboard box with packing material. No way go in mailbox.

      Enjoy your book Audrey. Also got one of my Good Reads wins in today, but the bigger truck brought it Pieces of her. Might not resd that one at night.


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          Congrats on the win - you really had to work hard for that.


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            he obviously didn't "handle it with care" lol-sorry couldn't resist! Nice Win Wtg!​​​​​​​

            i also have a huge mailbox next to door yet the mailman kept trying to jam it in so now i have a bamboo stool right next to it so now he puts the pkgs on it instead.


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              Good heavens, I got to page 144 of "Handle With Care" and had to give up. I just posted a review on GoodReads.

              Just a little warning, in case you want to read the book. In my opionion, it has the filthiest language I've ever read in a book. The characters are high-stress, unlikeable, vulgar, crude and offensive. "Handle With Care" is too stressful and unpleasant to read, in my honest opinion.