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Great Mail Day *Book and Radio Flyer Win

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  • Great Mail Day *Book and Radio Flyer Win

    Brown Truck Brought This: From a contest Jo posted. Only 5 winners, and guess I was lucky Do This For Me Eliza Kennedy Thanks for post Jo.

    Also had a big box. I ask Pops if he could bring inside for me. Had him curious. Wow!! It's my Radio Flyer win. Baby and Lisa still napping. Hadn't told them or Pops about the win. Explained to him, and said well couldn't have come at a better day. Baby still upset about his boo boo,so maybe finding a surprise when he woke up would help.

    Wait and him and Pop can open together when he gets up.
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    Well I have dinner cooked, but think could be awhile before we get to it. Baby and Lisa up. Pops told the baby he had a pkg to open, come while he sleeping. So both him and Lisa looked surprised. pops brought in the living room and him and Pops sit in floor by the fireplace. Should of seen his face. They had let me pick for the size child, so this one size up from what Pops had got him for Christmas. Already found the little spot that George can sit for a ride with him. Well his legs not long enough to reach, but we all know how fast kids grow. so he hoped on and aPops helped him and George go for a short ride down the hallway.

    Lisa surprised when I told her had won it, so picked the larger size. Thought super idea, so now have a nice ride on toy for a long time.

    Well cabbage/potatoes/sausage done and tray of corn muffins. So Lisa cut up some tomatoes. Now to get baby excited about dinner time. Guess I don't have to worry about the cookies had planned to keep him busy with tonight. One happy little guy!!

    Need to go in and let know the pkg arrived and one little guy excited about it.


    • #3 that was fast too. What a nice surprise for him too!!
      I am sure he was thrilled. Nice!!


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        Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post that was fast too. What a nice surprise for him too!!
        I am sure he was thrilled. Nice!!
        Sure was. Expected a tracking # before the pkg. But sure not going to complain. Couldn't of come at a better time. My little guys day not been the best.


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          What a way to brighten his day!
          Congrats on both wins.


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            Congrats on the nice wins!