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  • Chobani Win and more

    I got in on 2 Chobani ones... but only got one winner notice.
    So not sure if I will get the other prize.

    This one was the Bizzy Buzzy Strawberry Earbugs!
    Can't remember if I listed this here or not... Snowboard from Monster Energy
    Goodreads : Queen of First Dates

    ***tomorrow I have a package from Random House, so I checked to see if it were a book (you know weight about a pound)... well, it's 8.5 lbs.!! Think that means it might be a FEW books!

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    Wow!!! Seems like your mail days are rather fun. Happy for you.


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      Congrats! Let us know whats in the box!


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        The box... 8.5 lbs of books.
        The Wolf Wants In
        The Perfect Wife
        All the Wrong Places
        Call Me Evie
        Blood Oath
        The Woman Inside
        The Last Time I Lied
        My Lovely Wife

        Oh...and the kind I like to read too... YAY YAY YAY

        From here:
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          Congrats on all the wins.

          I read The Last Time I Lied - I gave it a 3 out of 5 - I bet you will be able to figure out whodunnit like I did.


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            Right now I am reading a book of short stories.
            The first one grabbed me into it.. and really made me think about stuff at the end.

            So far the others aren't as intriguing -- but they are short enough to read fast and easily... so I'll finish them before I pick a new one!

            I like to guess the endings... but LOVE it when I totally miss something and it's not whom I pegged for it.
            AND I like it most when they really convince you of it in the end -- not leave dangling ends.

            Well, it's past midnight and I got up at 5:55 this morning -- and babysat the grands. I am ready for bed!


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              Nice! Congrats.