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  • UPS delivery

    UPS driver plodded through all that snow, brought my package right up to my porch, and put it between my two doors! That was really nice of him! Later on, I will try to go way out there and get my postal mail, walking in his deep footsteps!

    It is a heavy hardcover book "Leaders, Myth and Realty" that I won from GoodReads on 12/26.

    UPS had it listed from CRAWFORDSVILLE I81 CD INITIALS

    I never heard of that, but the other sticker on the actual package said it was from Penguin Random House.

    It's getting dark, cloudy, colder...and another round of snow may be coming. Brrr.

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    Sounds like you have a super driver. Audrey I have one fav one. Always super nice, regular post man just not the same. Enjoy your book Audrey.


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      My UPS driver is usually later in the day. No snow here to plod thru either. I have 2 books (I think) due today. They usually throw the books and I sometimes think the packages as well) unless I open the door and they see me, then they nicely hand it to me.

      We must have a route that hasn't got a regular guy. We had one, but he's gone and now seem to have a new driver every couple of days.
      Mailman is new too. Old one retired last October (he was nice). This one I haven't gotten to know yet.


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        Congratulations! What a great delivery person.


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