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Rough Night Early Morning

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  • Rough Night Early Morning

    Pops leaving so late to go out of town, and waiting for that phone call middle of the night, so trying to stay busy. Fixed pancakes and left in the frig for breakfas and cut up tray of fresh fruits, lunch for the baby for daycare, going back thru craigs list and getting a list together for the guys to check out today *guess that highlight some good free things (even 2 loads firewood if still there when they call).
    Cleared out reg mail and spam, that account super clean now. Entered more contests than in a long time. Steamy Kitchen usually hit and miss, not tonight all that looked interested. Even the Culinary Site, went thru their whole list 2 times, so got the limit on lots of them, All my entries at mama likes this and still waiting on that dreaded phone call. So went thru tons of sweeps that ends in the next 2 or 3 days, and entered tons. Looks like some I had missed. Went into Goodreads and entered all from the list I had posted today, and then went back and entered even some of those with only 1 or 2 books to win. Sweeps at Mamalikesthis even got my added attention tonight, and couple of those keeping fingers cross would love to win for the baby.
    Looked down and know I sure couldn't get no shoes on now (swollen horrible).
    Well the time come that goodreads had picked winners tonight.No wins for me. But my friend I had started a few weeks ago Judy Ann will be excited when she checks her email later today, found her 2 wins on links I had shared with her. Think she had won only 3 books total before tonight. I looked real hard hoping to see Audrey's name on the ones I had posted for today, but unless overlooked didn't find a win?? But do think I might of found Frannie a win Splinter In Blood??
    Well finally the dreaded phone call come in from Pops and he sounded so tired. Preacher said neighbor found Ms Amy and looked like she sleeping, not answered his knocking on door. Called out and no answer, not even when he shook her. So called and they took her to hospital to be checked out, Still in Intensive Care, and think possible stoke or mini heart attack. Oh No.Gosh went thru so much to stay at her house, even church ladies staying with her at nights for awhile and neighbor guy in the daytime. Finally thought safe her to be by herself some, and now this again. And I couldn't even go for this time!!
    Well got breakfast (pancakes, fresh fruit) and even the baby lunch fixed. So left a note on counter for Lisa, and said going to bed almost 4:00 *don't wake, hope to sleep for hours!!! Feet is a big pain and head hurts from worry!!! Said not good news about Ms Amy, just pray for her, will talk with you about it later.
    So finally off to bed, and might not be back for several hours on computer.

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    OMG -- I am so sorry. I know that they will do the best they can for her. Still hoping for a miracle. Prayers for all of you.
    I am off to work today. We have what looks like a full day out ahead of us. Will try and check computer if I can.