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  • A Little Too Small

    I've been trying to count back my sweets since the holidays. Well with the size of the new Kit Kats sure will have no problem. Yesterday noticed the little 5 pk snack size listed at the Walmart site. Put 1 pk on list. Figured when wanitng something sweet, could be a. treat. Don't make the same mistake. Smallest ones I've. Pops said the baby want even want them.

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    Yes... everything is getting smaller -- sometimes the price reflects that, other times it sure doesn't.
    Lots of things are now 12 oz. instead of 16 oz. -- noticed this on pasta the other day! Some of the brands only have 12 oz. in them.

    Tuna down to 5 oz. cans.... coffee too is not a lb. in all of them anymore!

    I buy the BIG hershey bar with almonds-- was $1.77 at Walmart -- it has 16 pieces if you were to break it apart. When I want something sweet, I break off 1/16 of the bar. Need more... take another 1/16th.
    The same bar at Giant supermarket is $2.99. Seriously. Usually Walmart is $2.00 but this week was on sale I guess. Lasts me quite a while. Used to do milk chocolate Lindt truffles - but for some reason they don't have the impact they once had to satisfy my sweet tooth!!

    Hubby bought a pack of butterfinger at the Dollar Store... had about 6 small bars. Said he just wanted it for something sweet. We each had a bar (and this is something I should not eat because of the ingredients but I do love butterfinger bars) in the car ... and he ate all the rest of them before nightfall --- I guess $1 wasn't that bad for them. By the way if they are "fresh" they literally melt in your mouth.

    Ice some last night and this AM. School is on 2 hour delay but it's still "raining" and it's only 32 degrees.

    Hubby said if it's nasty he's not going to help on the house -- and right now it's nasty and he is still asleep. My son wore him out the last 2 days but hubby loves to be involved in all of it.


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      Been a little lazy this morning Woke up with rain on the roof, so just got a book and read for awhile, They
      hem them in talls. But the hospital run downtown, will let them deliever ed to be there no after reg hours and the guard will let they in the storage area. So then the volunteers can delkieve to the paitients. They will send the kinds one check for all those tips *paitients gets billed $10 per delivery. Have order for 15 to be taken *by flower van. And then Wednesday later the last 22 for the hospital. The ones to Nursing home need to be there no later than 8:00 try to get them out firpp bake cookies to fillst.

      Got stuff for the baby to help bake cookies while he with us. Pops told Lisa he would take and pick up b, haby for the day care those days, and just bring hinm on to our house.
      He think he has 2 houses anyway, Has his own room here.