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  • Just Can't do it ALL!!

    This is a whine --- I really just can't seem to do it all anymore. I used to be able to get everything done, done right and still had time. Now I can't get thru the things I need to ...and the day is gone!

    Worse part -- I had a good brain and excellent memory. Now it's only average -- hubby says I've come down to his level -- but it's more annoying that anything to me. I simply cannot do things like I want to or use to or.... I can't get enough brain function to even do them right. I hate it.

    That's it. Made me cry today trying to get some "paperwork" done... because my thought processes don't seem to work as well as they used to, and sometimes I have to actually take a minute to think about things .... when they were just second nature before. It's just very very hard for me.

    Thanks for having a place one can whine!! It feels better already.

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    (((hugs))) i feel ya sister so vent away! Last october i started having trouble driving at night. Now i work for a store the next state over and i start at 7am-problem is that its very dark that time of morning. So i told the bosses that as soon as it gets light then i'll start driving.. My point is do what you can to the best of your ability. Thankfully my memory is still good but i play speed games on pogo that have timers on them so i know i have to work faster to finish the games. Lately ive been entering sweeps like a madwoman lol--for me its so much fun to find new sweeps and visualize seeing that brand new truck in my driveway. If i only have 1 hour to enter sweeps then i use an online timer or the phone timer and see how many sweeps i can enter in an hour. Mostly its fun focusing on sweeps vs work issues or paying bills! I have days where i have pockets of feeling sad for no reason and i cry too-its normal-everyone has some sort of stress going on. A very good youtube channel is The Honest Guys--they post 100's of mediations and affirmations-most with music and beautiful visualizations. My fave is one called The Sanctuary and it looks like you are actually inside an english cottage. You can see the roaring fireplace and hear the rain outside. Anyway i love watching that one-its very calming and comforting.
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