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MySurvey/Lightspeed problems

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  • MySurvey/Lightspeed problems

    I've been doing surveys through MySurvey/Lightspeed for many years. Today, I tried to log in, and it said my account has been deactivated. When I tried to e-mail the contact, Carol, it bounced back as no such user.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Did they go out of business or something? I'm really puzzled.

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    I never signed up or participated in this panel, but I did Pinecone Research for quite a long time. Consumer Affairs has a long list of complaints concerning Lightspeed that you can read here. I am not sure that I would want to give them my personal information.
    I cannot log into my account to redeem the reward points I've earned over the past months. Whenever I email "Lauren" I get no response and the issue(s) are almost ...
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      Oh dear, I'm really disappointed.


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        I do Pinecone.... and cash out regularly to my paypal account... Survey's used to be $5, now they are $3. There are also about a dozen a year that pay nothing -- to find out if you qualify for certain ones. They have a sweepstakes going and you get an entry for non paying sweeps... never won anything from that.'

        Sorry about your experience Audrey.. hope you had cashed out recently!


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          I used to do Pinecone & My Survey and some others - kept track of how long it took & what I earned and eventually gave them all up. I hope you get back into My Survey if you decide to continue, Audrey.


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            On Pinecone -- I was getting a survey a week... then when they changed things -- portal, way of doing it - my computer just hated it. So I cashed out my $36 bucks and just ignored the invites for a while... then when they offered me $3 to come back.. I did. I have already cashed out $18 and am trying to keep cashing out so that I am not left with them owing me much. Surveys were getting boring... and too long. Last few I did took a different approach and weren't so bad. Can't say everyones are like that... but mine are.


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              I always cash out as soon as possible with surveys, even the $3 at a time.

              On MySurvey I only had 331 points when they blocked me out. You need 1200 points to even get $10 from them. Oh well. It took a lot of surveys to accrue 1200 points & it seemed because of my advanced age they often said I didn't qualify after I started surveys. I'll try once in awhile to log into MySurvey, but it looks like they consider me "too old" to do their surveys anymore. Disappointing, but it really was getting frustrating to start their surveys, put in the required age, and then "not qualify."


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                Audrey... I too don't often qualify... mostly for MYPOINTS surveys because of my age... at least that seems to be the case. Otherwise I can't imagine why they keep DQ-ing me from them.