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    Huge Littlest Pet Shop LPS Mixed Lot #3 ~ 20 Assorted Animals with Dogs & Cats! One of 242 active listings, check out those that may interest you!
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    I need to put stuff up! I have been so busy traveling and helping with family issues/needs that my summer has really gone by fast!


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      Give it a shot Jo, we have some members who may bid on the items, albeit we have a very small group that is not yet growing. Where are all the people who Had to Have RHSS Back??


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        I don't know... seriously. I know that lots left because of the $ -- but this is free!! And "we" try to post lots of sweeps and NannyV keeps the conversations going!!
        Are they now either using only FB, Twitter or Instagram? Or deciding they had to pay for Online Sweeps, Sweeties or the other paid ones... and now just using those?

        I'm going to put another post on my FB page about it. Can't hurt.


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          Thanks Jo, and you are right, it can't hurt. I have been pretty busy building a new website for the Association and starting the 2019 annual budget, so my time here has been, and will be, limited for awhile.