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  • Welcome Birdiebye12

    Thanks for joining us! To access the sweepstakes area, make sure that you are logged on with your User name and password. Sweeps are not visible to site visitors who have not registered or logged on. Once you have done that, click on Forum from the top menu on the left, and scroll down to see the various categories.

    Sweepstakes, Contests, Giveaways & Free Stuff - Only RHSS Members are eligible to view or enter in Any Category

    PS: Thanks for your patience getting your registration squared away.
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      Thank you guys! Nice to be here. Hope to really get a chance to dig into this site over the weekend!


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        Thanks for stopping by and for joining. I think you will come to call this a second home like many of us do. I see that you have already chosen a custom avatar. Those are nice and gives you an identity rather than a standard avatar.


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          Welcome... hope you find some good sweeps to enter -- and then of!!


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            Sorry I couldn't introduce myself properly earlier. I'm one of those that came over from OLS. I've been off the site since my membership expired last year but reading all of the stuff that was going on led me to this site. The black cat in my avatar picture is not my cat but I have one that looks exactly like that. Her name is Snowball. She is camera shy and literally runs from my phone if she thinks I am going to take her picture so.......Yes, I have a black cat named Snowball so that might tell you a little about my sense of humor! Anyway, I really do hope to dig in when I have a bit more time over the weekend. I'm a single mom that works full time so free time can be hard to come by--lol

            It really is very nice to meet everyone and so far, you guys seem very lovely and I can't wait to get to know everyone and hopefully win something (This is certainly more of a hobby because I haven't won much of anything in my life--maybe that will change now!).


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              Well glad you found us. Hope that you win something big! I love cats, just can't have one where I live.


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                hi welcome & good luck! ​​​​​​​