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  • just wanted to say thanks

    thanks to brad-he's always open to changes and suggestions for improving this website. Two sites come to mind where the site owner promised to update the website for YEARS and still waiting on that. Another site took awhile to update and when they finally did-it was a disaster-they ignored nearly everything members were saying. They took a big hit and lost alot of members. So anyway i appreciate u brad for listening!

    thanks to jo for posting sweeps and removing my dupes when i forget to do a search (im trying to get better)

    thanks to all the members who say congrats to the winners (it takes a second and its good karma and who post sweeps for everyone-its very much appreciated!

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    We try to be responsive, as much as life and circumstances will allow. A bit of background if I may. The New RHSS is almost a carbon copy of the Old RHSS, except for the color scheme which we changed to be easier on the eyes from the old Green scheme. RHSS existed from around 1997 or 98 and went down in 2017. Before the old site went dark, I printed out all of the pages so that we could replicate them if they could not be migrated as is to the new site. Alas we could not migrate the site or the files and my Son Craig and I had to essentially re-build the entire site.The owners of the old site, Linda and Chris Ditty, her son, were very nice folks and they literally tried to just give us the site. For a number of reasons, mostly compatibility issues with the latest vBulletin software and size limitations for migrating files, they could not do that. They let the domain expire and we purchased the domain and re-built the site. All of the pages are as they were on the old site because 100% of the old members came to the new site and were familiar with the interface. New members arriving now are not of course familiar with the interface at all, so we must adjust over time. The Ditty's were very responsive to the bitter end - they just could not continue to support the site financially with a dwindling membership. The cost of hosting etc, was simply too high. They had a tiered membership fee structure, similar to OLS, with full membership at $20 per year. When I took over the site I vowed to keep the site free for everyone to use so long as we are able to do so. The upfront costs were manageable requiring only upgrading vBulletin, and adding some other software along with domain and server fees and hosting the site. We did dedicate many hours initially, many more than we anticipated, but it was worth it. That was just something that I wanted to do for all our old friends from the original RHSS. I don't see that changing in the future, barring any unforseen circumstances. Off the soap-box...

    PS: TOYSTORY, Johanna is an original member of the Old RHSS and our first very dedicated Super Mod volunteer here.
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      Well, I like it here -- for many reasons. But most of all it's the people.
      Brad and Craig spent many hours getting this site going and we all are so grateful for their hard work. They want it user friendly and to evolve with the times.

      Many of the members here, I consider friends - LONG time friends.

      I have some computer skills (and a 34 year old computer company) -- and I learn pretty fast but I am still thankful to Brad for asking me to me a Mod. (I wasn't his first choice)
      It's a volunteer position, but it's one I enjoy -- mainly because I can "fix" anything that bothers me and Brad gives me the leeway to do that.
      Ah...what the heck, I just love the control!

      Plus Brad is always responsive to me, teaches me things as I need to learn -- and really would help anyone here, as time and circumstances allow... that's big in my book.

      So..thanks for joining our group Luckycat. Next time you PM me, would you mind telling me your first name? I'd love to get to know you better and make you one of those (over time) long time friends.


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        im also a member of the old RHSS site and remember the green background lol-this white background is so much easier on my eyes to read. Besides all the sweeps here ,the community here is very welcoming and we share tidbits of our lives.There is a sense of true caring here and we are genuinely happy for each other whenever we win.


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 I remember... yes indeed you were!!


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            Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post
   I remember... yes indeed you were!!
            remember i used to post sweeps and a ton of freebies!


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              We could use that here....