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did you ever win a year or month supply of anything?

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  • did you ever win a year or month supply of anything?

    did you ever win a year or month supply of anything? what did you win?
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    I won (3) 1-year supplies.

    1) Godiva Chocolate ~ one package arrived every month.
    2) Maids Cleaning ~ only lasted 5 months because of the size of my house.
    3) Sour Patch Kids ~ just won recently 52 coupons

    And honestly I think I won one other .. but can't remember!
    My sister Ann and I both won the Godiva (it was you got to name the other person when you entered). She entered my name, I entered hers.
    AND...I think we did that on another one and both got a year supply of the one I can't remember.


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      I've won:

      year supply of nestle crunch candy bars-sponsored substituted baby ruth candy bars. UPS dropped off case of them-365 bars. Other family members each won 1 case except for one relative who won 4 or 5 cases

      year long magazine subscriptions

      year supply of cereal--showed up as a case

      year of molly maid house cleaning

      year of baby diapers

      6 months of beautiful flowers from a flower shop in san francisco-1x a month fed ex dropped them off

      6 months of yummy desserts

      thats all i can remember right now


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        I have lots of times won 1 yr. of magazines -- totally forgot that!!


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          Way back Kotex had an ongoing sweeps and I won a year supply of them. Can remember getting an envelope of coupons for them They may still have a contest, but not sure. At that time the coupons were used.

          Also right after I started sweeps, had a very nice win. From Harry & David won a gift that I got a small box of fruits 6 months in a row. I remember 1 month pears, one was oranges/grapefruits. Fed X always brought them, and most times my sweeps comes with the brown trucks instead.

          But some I remember entering monthly and seems like they just skipped me each month. But try again the next month.
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            A few magazine subscriptions years ago.


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              I said no, but now seeing some other posts, I think I had won a magazine many years ago, and I also forgot about song downloads a very long time ago.


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                I won a years supply of gas from HESS ($1,000 in Gift Cards)
                I won a years supply of groceries from Kash n Karry ($1,000 in Gift Cards)