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Have you ever won at a Casino?

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  • Have you ever won at a Casino?

    Have you ever won at a casino. If so how much?
    Don't go to Casinos

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    Strangely enough Mud won $1,000 at the ship casino on a cruise that I won from Public Storage. She goes to HardRock in Tampa occasionally, with very little success.
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      Have won some on slots -- the best one and it's not a whopper was when Ann and I were there playing and stopped at about $400 won.
      We used it to see a few shows while in Las Vegas for the I heart Music festival trip she won.

      I have played one play on a slot machine and won - played $1 won $50 and played a dime and won $10 -- sometimes the machines call out to me...ha ha ha. Actually I can sometimes tell if they will be a winner and only need to play once on them to win. I know it's weird but when I have the feeling, I go with it.

      Mostly when we go to Las Vegas (we used to go for Comdex each year, etc) we'd play some slots - but usually the poker at the 5 cent a play level, because we wanted to play -- not to win big. We could play an entire day for $5 (because you win/lose all day) and to us that was nice entertainment.

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        When Mud goes she also plays just the slots. Her and Daughter Lisa can play almost all day for a couple of hundred bucks, playing penny, nickle or quarter machines. They generally come home broke or even. I have not gone in a couple of years myself.


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          Yes, it's not something I look to do.........just if you're there - well, why not.
          Ann and I tried to play bingo last time we were out in Las Vegas too but somehow we missed the times, or what not... whatever we didn't even get to figure out how they play it.


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            I've won $1500 2x. Once was on sweep cruise when we were in bahamas and some of us went to the atlantis hotel-i won 1500 playing poker or roulette-i cant remember. Then i won $1500 at local casino playing let it ride poker within 5 mins of sitting down-i had hit a full house.