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have you ever attended a sweepstake convention?

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  • have you ever attended a sweepstake convention?

    have you ever attended a sweepstake convention? which one did you go to? did you win any prizes there? Heres info for this years 2019 sweep convention
    didn't know they existed!

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    I went to the one in arlington texas-ton of fun and I met alot of other sweepers but didn't win anything. Also went on the cruise to the Bahamas-that one i did none of the sweepstake meetings because I ended up in the poker tournament and WON that! Lol! I won some money,a tshirt and a trophy-i still have that trophy!


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      I went to a few mini-sweepstakes in Hershey PA, a few Nationals - NH, Boston, Charlotte
      I always came home with some kind of prize, some smaller, some bigger.
      I think my best wins at convention were iPad & Kindle from Boston convention.
      I enjoy attending with my sweeps club & meeting up with internet friends in real life - Johannah, John & Ann!


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        Yes, I only have gone to 4.

        One in California with the Coupon Queen - it was small but really nice. I learned how to "Instagram" there with Carey Cole showing me how to set it up, get a picture on there, etc. and letting me tag her. Met Valerie from Mamalikesthis who spoke there. Won stuff every session because they had tons of prizes and the convention turned out smaller than expected. Nothing huge but $50 gift card and more.

        One in Hershey PA - this one I met Ann (and Terry was there too) and we had a nice sister weekend and it was our first convention. The only thing was the prizes that we paid to have tickets for, were less than stellar. And I think Ann and I each won a $25 gift card from the very last set of drawings.

        Went to Charlotte for a mini and then back again for the national that was held there. Both of those also were fun.
        Terry was there - lots of the sweepers from local club, etc. Had a nice time.
        Took Ann as my guest to the National (hubby went too) and she won $250 in stamps... she gave me 2 rolls of them which was nice.
        Everyone won something it seems but the prizes weren't always what we might have wanted. For example: Hubby got a book he had already won at the mini in Charlotte and a purse! He also got a gift card - that he liked! Most people won 2 prizes... I never won 2 at the national as my name never came out the second time around. I like the learning sessions at the National and we went to Steve D'adolf's and Patty's (from Sweepsheet) break out sessions. Except for the fact my sister was suffering from her hip replacement and I had a back issue which was extreme in the pain dept (I can't take pain meds as I am either allergic to them or they do not take away the pain) -- we had a great time. Thankful for her handicapped placard as I could not have walked a long distance either.

        Talked to hubby about this years and he's not thrilled. I was because it's San Diego and it's beautiful there, but we aren't going.
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          I'm not going to San Diego either - no one from my club is.
          Next year is supposed to be run by Tania Biron who organized Boston, NH & Atlanta - I'll have to wait for the announcement of where it will be held to decide.
          Jo, you all can always come to NY & we can have our own mini LOL


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            AHHH... that's so nice Terry. Thanks


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              I have a Mini,, and I'm in New York....LOL........


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                Originally posted by forobello View Post
                I have a Mini,, and I'm in New York....LOL........
                Yes, Franny but that's a little different -- and doesn't Jack mind you calling him "mini"...


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                  Originally posted by forobello View Post
                  I have a Mini,, and I'm in New York....LOL........
                  Well, if you and Jo are ok to share the guest room, you cab come to our mini too, in your Mini!