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    Well, we got a 1099 for the entire prize value. $19,999 dollars - and still have not gotten the RZR (which is like 17-18K of that)... and so I called the number on the 1099 and told them the issue, but the gal who deals with Rockstar there wasn't in. So then I had to email Rockstar. They have no "readily available" phone number, no one likes to tell you their name, etc. So you can't just "call" easily and ask.

    I put the title of my email ERROR on 1099 IMPORTANT -- and in the body of the note when explained that I might have to contact a lawyer because how could they give me a 1099 for something I didn't receive and have no delivery date (as of last week) on when I might receive it. Is that even legal?

    Hubby got a call within 10 minutes or so of the email going out. Told them we aren't paying taxes on something we haven't gotten... and in fact just days ago were told we couldn't even get a delivery date on. The person called us back on his cell, so hubby has his number and did tell him his name and said that he would look into it as the gal we dealt with is in "the same building I am".

    I have no idea what is going on. Or how they will resolve it. Was hoping we got a partial 1099 for the trip, or nothing till the RZR was delivered. But even if they get us that RZR tomorrow... it's 2019 and I should not have to pay taxes on it in 2018.

    I am writing this because I know Winingsmile won a big prize from Rockstar and I'd love to hear if she got her item, and if she got a 1099.

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    Jo sure hope you can get sorted out. I've missed small prizes but know with something this big would be ready to start " a mess" if not receive.


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      Ok, so no news yet on this one. We thought they'd let us know something... but I guess we'll wait till Monday and call the guy again if we don't hear anything.


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        It was the Sportsman 570 with ARV of $8,500. Around 1/31, at the promised 12 week mark, they said Polaris was behind in orders. I'm getting worried. I, too, am not paying taxes on something not received. I didn't receive a 1099, but it wasn't fulfilled yet - so that would be for next year.

        Is this some kind of a scam? I tried to search for other Rockstar winners and/or complaints, but came up with nothing. I don't like how they don't give you a contact name or number.



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          Keep me posted on this, Jo. I was wondering if they can just give us the cash. I'd prefer it.


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            Jo, If you have already received the 1099, they can easily issue you a CORRECTED 1099 which must have that shown on the form. Do you file your own taxes or have someone else else do it? If you use a CPA you could ask them about it. Good Luck? A Ca$$h option would be great as Winningsmile has mentioned.


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              Brad, I do my own personal taxes -- have CPA I use once a year to do my business taxes for CCSS (I gather the stuff, and give it to him to do). This same guy does Brookwell Petroleum, and the other LLC's that we jointly own with our son ~~ and the ones my son owns on his own!

              We haven't gotten our Polaris either, and now it is more than 6 months (26 weeks) since we won... and they cannot even give us a date.
              I know Polaris is behind.. but that's not an excuse to send a 1099 for something you haven't received.....
              I would like a corrected 1099 - or of course the cash (why not?).. but I would like to know why they would 1099 me (and likely others) for things they haven't received yet.

              For sure I just can't see why we'd pay taxes on something we didn't get -- and after 6 months I am doubtful I may even get in 2019.


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                Hubby called Rockstar contact yesterday... went to voicemail (that's expected from them)... and didn't call him back -- It is now 10 or 11 days since we got the 1099.
                I may need to talk to accountant about this because again... it's now 27+ weeks and no delivery date in sight.

                I honestly can't believe just because we sent back the affy they can 1099 us without giving us the prize! Frustrates me.


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                  So sorry Jo having all this trouble. Not nice and even makes their company look bad when things like this happen. Gosh, hope it it sleared up soon!!


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                    Thanks Vera. I am not ready for taxes yet. I still have brokerage paperwork that hasn't arrived... but still.
                    No matter I will take this up with a CPA/tax person if I have to. AND just "estimate the trip value" and claim that with a note about not receiving the RZR (which is obviously 90% of the prize).


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                      This really stinks, Jo. If they've done it to you, it's not looking good for me either. I hope I get the prize sometime this year, or I'll be in the same boat at tax-time next year. I don't understand why they offer so many of these as prizes if they cannot fill them in a reasonable amount of time.


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                        Yes... well -- no one asked my opinion...but Rockstar told us "Polaris" was responsible for the RZR and camp -- they were only getting us there -- and even tried to talk hubby out of going!

                        At first the girl (who wouldn't tell us her name) told us we had to travel on Saturday.. for the weekend and would not budge. I wrote email for hubby and asked for her to get someone who understood, maybe her boss so that I could explain the issue with that. I wrote a long letter and told them to check with their legal department. You cannot give me 2 Days of Camp Razor if you don't get me there in time to actually have the 2 days! They came around and got someone who knew how to do it and all went fine. Hubby did have to pay for a rental car. They loved the camp.

                        When hubby and son were at CAMP RZR, son asked which RZR his dad was going to get.... the Rockstar guy said we sent the check for it (this was last October), so son asked again, well, which one did you pay for? AND he said he didn't know.

                        So who's doing what is anyone's guess. Obviously Rockstar (privately owned) wants the deduction. BUT were they really responsible for the Polaris cost? or is Polaris? Did they really PAY Polaris? did they just say that so they could 1099 us and we would think ...well, they paid for it, it must be on it's way??? Maybe Polaris is footing the bill and we'll get a 1099 from them next year too.

                        I just don't know what to think. I wouldn't think they can legally 1099 me for something I did not receive.

                        NO reply from Jason. And hubby's not the type to push anyone. I will ask him to call again.
                        And then too I'll call the place that sent the 1099 for Rockstar again too.

                        I am also considering calling POLARIS and asking about the RZR... after all Rockstar said they paid for it back in October! Sweep win was August...they didn't even order or pay for the machine if they are telling the truth till October... so maybe they have a cash flow issue -- and maybe in truth they haven't even YET paid for it.


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                          Wow, it's much more problematic than what I initially thought. It sounds like they were even trying to get out of your trip's fulfillment.

                          It looks like Polaris might be having financial troubles. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?


                          If Polaris can't deliver, then it needs to reimburse Rockstar, and then Rockstar needs to make it right with all winners. It's not our fault that they paid (if they did, in my case).

                          This has been the most difficult sweepstakes win of my life.


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                            Well, that just adds to my worries about EVER getting a RZR--- from this win.
                            I seriously don't care if Rockstar paid for it. That has nothing to do with us. It's not delivered to us - over 6 months now, and not one word about even a possible delivery date.
                            Something is wrong somewhere!

                            Even if they came back and said I wasn't getting it, it would be better than paying taxes on it for NOTHING.


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                                Ok... so now... today in mail... regular letter envelope hand addressed to hubby from Rockstar Inc.

                                So.... I called him and opened it --- and it was A CORRECTED 1099 FOR $0.00

                                I am happy to see this... and now wonder if they really did even pay for the RZR -- but alas I do not care and will worry about that right now.
                                Just so thankful they did this --- took care of it I mean.


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                                  That's something. At least that's less of a worry for now.


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                                    Just wondering if you heard anything from them? I haven't heard a peep.


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                                      No. They haven't contacted me at all. I was wondering the same about you recently.


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                                        Ok, I sent an email yesterday, that I wasn't ready to send. I wanted to save it and instead it went to the outbox and before I could catch was gone to Rockstar. It was incomplete, but nice enough.

                                        Basically I said... something is wrong. You do not even have an expected delivery date unless there is something wrong. It's been 32 weeks. I am going to write a letter to the Attorney General of both Nevada where you are and Michigan to have them intervene in this situation. I believe it's some sort of dispute between Polaris and Rockstar that is holding this up and I am sure the Attorney Generals can sort it out.

                                        Before I do that though, I am going to try calling Polaris and see what their side of this story is - because I don't believe at this point you have any intention of fulfilling this prize.

                                        ............... and hubby got a call just a few minutes ago. Our RZR will be shipped by the end of April to the dealership we listed, and shipping could take up to 2 weeks (so they basically bought themselves time till the middle of May) --- if that doesn't happen they will be buying a RZR for us off the dealers floor directly.

                                        Also...they said the issue was due to a shakeup of directors at Polaris, but they finally found someone who knew what was going on and could resolve the situation. They said we were NOT the only ones with the issue (as we already knew).


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                                          Thanks for the update, Jo. I was on vacation overseas when you had posted this, so I'm just seeing this now. I'm going to contact them as well, since they've made no attempt to notify me of this update.


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                                            Hope you had fun overseas!! I pushed them, and that was their answer. I don't know yet if they are buying time again or not. They did not "send" me this via a trackable source... they called hubby. So it's basically not in writing to be able to prove. We'll see as April is almost to an end.


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                                              Jo, I emailed them yesterday around the noon hour, but they haven’t responded.


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                                                Sometimes it takes a day.... they might respond by email, if they think you'll accept another delay... or if not they will call like they did to hubby.
                                                Depends I think on what you said and what they feel they want to respond with.... Good luck.

                                                I am sure by the way they will answer one way or the other.