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What Are You Hoping to Win in 2019?

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  • What Are You Hoping to Win in 2019?

    This question is because im curious but also it will help me find certain sweeps to post for y'all

    Heres Mine:
    -New Car or Truck-im currently driving a 2007 dodge caravan
    -upright freezer
    -year supply of anything
    -gift cards
    -trips: especially to Hawaii,Jamaica,New Zealand,Orlando-also Nascar Trips

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    Mine not the high end sweeps, too many taxes on those. Maybe a nice reclinder, lots of stuff for kids, cook books and reg books, cast iron cookware, new Krups Pot *ours almost 3 years old.
    small appliances *need better mixer, g/c's, gift baskets always nice, like sports items for Kids and hubbie (baseball stuff, football, fishing or golf items). watchWell nice pair of Costo Sunglasses would be fine, Watch but not those wooden ones.


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      -Cash - Visa prepaid cards

      - Gift Cards to stores and eatery's

      - Stove (mine is circa 1976)

      -year supply of anything - I have won Godiva for a year, and cleaning for a year (which lasted about 4 months because of the charge for my size home) - and one other one, I can't now remember!!!

      -trips: just about anywhere, even foreign countries. We went to Scotland on trip win and it was spectacular. We both keep current passports just in case!! There are some I would not go to...ever. For example through no fault of it's own -- I don't want to go to Africa or really Australia, New Zealand -- just too far for me. I have gone to Jamaica and that was an experience. We go to Orlando several times a year, but winning a trip there would also be fine with me. I would go last minute too if I was a alternate winner!

      -Toys for grandkids -- this Christmas was very economical and they got expensive things I had won. All year I keep lookout for cheap toys at Target, etc. and pick them up too.

      -iPad or tablet (for the kids to use or us and give the kids the one we use now!!!)


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        Ca$$h is King
        Gift Cards grocery, retail or restaurants - we eat out 3 to 5 times a week
        Trips - prefer USA, bucket list has changed. Disney is always nice (have won 4 Disney trips before, with hotel, park hoppers and some meals). We do have passports good til 2026 tho. :-)
        I don't mind winning the big ticket items, we don't begrudge Uncle Sam his cut, still leaves a lotta gravy money or goods for us.
        We have probably a lot more than some and our wants and needs are pretty basic.


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          Small economy car
          Big flat screen TV
          Small kitchen appliances & utensils
          Food & coffee
          Lawn tractor & self-propelled lawnmower
          Electric adult tricycle
          Gift cards like Visa, Mastercard, AmEx
          Womens apparel, shoes, boots, slippers, gloves etc.


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            Money or gift cards
            Trip or Cruise (I can check this one off the list already!)
            Furniture & accessories for new house
            Grocery or food GCs