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How long have you been sweeping?

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  • How long have you been sweeping?

    I am not really sure exactly when I got started. Linda and Chris ran the old RHSS for about 16-17 years, ceasing operations in 2017, and I started at least a dozen years before the original RHSS began..
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    Same with me Brad. Way before most sweeps taken over by fb, twitter, ets. Each company had web page. Toyrs us had ongoing one Sears, Penny's ect. Sweeps changed lots over the years. Didn't even realize had done the good reads challenges for 5 years. But when put a review in had my history of 5 years of challenges.Use to do the Writers Space Party time sweeps, and then not most t say Prize Win *that mostly ebooks. I don't do those. Just go thru now and pick out ones for a print book, or s g/c now on their monthly sweeps. At one time had a long list of daily, weekly and monthly sweeps. The monthly list so long would divide up and do 2 different days.

    For a few years lots more instant wins. And do you remember the sweeps when Coke and Olympics did together. Gosh so many FREE COKES, had enough to share with friends.

    Can remember when1st signed up at RHSS with Linda. One lady there Julie, had pages and pages of contests listed. Lots of those no longer around. Can remember Pip, she helped me when I first started posting. At times had to take a break from my hobbie. FIL moved in with us, both Mom and Dad in bad helth.. I just got over much needing my attention. But would come back as soon as could. All 3 dead now.
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      Your mention of Coke reminds me of Coke Music. Anyone remember those sweeps? I won 3 guitars and some other stuff while that one was running. Used to go into Coke Music rooms and chat with the others. Betty was there, she belongs to this group but doesn't visit much if at all any more. Julie is still around, I see her in other groups but she has not yet joined RHSS. Of course I remember PIP, how could we forget PIP. She and I both won a $500 Gold Eagle coin from one of the instants long ago. Her real name was Jill Smith and we exchanged letters from time to time. I often wonder what happened to Gene. PIP has passed of course, along with the other Lady from Ohio who used to make the bird house swings at home. She left us very young as I recall.
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        Brad when the kids small I had entered, Author Smith Fishing Tournament Sweeps. I think maybe 5 winners. Was so surprised with phone call. Won $150 worth of fishing stuff. Hubbie had to meet them at a local area store. Took all the winners pics. Each given real nice reel and some tackle. Reel nice and come in a felt type bag. He fished a few times, and then had a trip planned with his Dad in GA. Fished all day, and he went back to motel room. Woke up in middle of night by cop. Someone had broken into his van and taken all his coolers, fishing stuff and also his Dad's stuff. The guy beside him on vacation and had several VA Hams, took them also. But the thief to get in van cut out the back window and left blood, so finally caught. Had sold his stuff at the Jacksonville Fleamarket..

        Boy was hubbie mad. He come early from his trip, and lost all his stuff.
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          I remember Pippy -- oh and I missed her for a long time; she wasn't short on advice and some of it was so helpful to me personally. I know Sue24fan was the other one who always listed the instant wins and she was the one with the birdhouses. She married late to her "soul mate" and they only had a short time together before she passed away. She also had a lot of cats, if I remember correctly.

          I started in 2001. More later

          Ok I'm back -- I used to win at least one trip a year and I was thrilled with that -- but lately zip. Would love to get back to that!!! For now we pay to VACA.

          I didn't do Coke Music but I remember Brad and Betty did it a lot.
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            My mom got me started in sweeping over 30+ years ago. Those were the good ole days before the internet became so popular. Not a week would go by without us winning at least a couple of things. I remember winning a TON of tshirts-now you don't see them offered as prizes that much anymore. Like Jo we used to win 1-2 trips a year...last trip i won was abt 8 yrs ago. Trip for 2 to London for a private concert by Sting. Sponsored by Amazon-there was only one prize and it was a 1X. That was the only trip i had to forfeit--the trip was abt 6 days after they had notified me and my passport wasn't current.