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  • New Channel (Area) Sweepstakes Discussion and Polls

    A new area that was suggested by Luckycat, let's see some activity in here~

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    Time to discuss things ... what ways are you using to enter? Are they successful? Are you happy with them?

    I have been entering just about every way I can but now that I am home most of the time (not driving to/from office) -- I have those hours extra to enter.
    For a long time with work -- I maybe entered 25-40 a day. Now I am trying to get to 100 a day. It has made a difference in the wins.

    Wanted to do as many days of every single 12 days of Christmas ones I could find -- most where I could see number of entries they were lower than 1000, and sometimes lower than 300. Those odds are really what made me try to enter as many as I could and I did have over 100 of them in my sweeps program (yes I am still using the old sweeps program) every single day.

    It kind of paid off. I started winning blogs to Instagram ones.

    So I enter on FB, TW, Instagram and of course Blogs, regular online sweeps and snail mail.

    My take - the effort involved in blogs is usually higher than Instagram for instance.
    You need to have Instagram friends who will let you tag them. But I find these easier than blogs.


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      I have no magic wand, but I have had some success in the past so I will offer what my thoughts are. I believe in PPP, Planning, Patience and Persistence. I enter faithfully every day even when on vacation at the beach. But it may not always be at the same time every day because I have a life outside of RHSS. I have put together a Sweeps Matrix that I use daily to keep track of what I have entered and where. This is not a all inclusive list, just some of the major prizes at Meredith Publishing Mag sites where one can get lost keeping track of entries. I don't do blogs or Instagram, but that's just my personal choice.... I tend to enter only for the larger prizes or something that we, or a family member, can actually use or it has resale value on eBay, etc. I do enter via Facebook and Twitter since that's relatively easy and becoming more prevalent. I don't use Sweeps! or any other auto entry program - just my fingers, my keyboard and me. When I am entering consistently, I probably spend about an hour or hour and a half a day sweeping, but that can be split up into different parts of the day or evening hours.
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        Wow Brad --- for me paper track would be hard.

        I do have a life too, don't want to stop that. Hubby and I are paying to travel more (our trips to Florida at least twice a year), and also been visiting family, helping my sister with her hip, etc. this past year.

        I am tracking Random House Book Sweepstakes on paper and that is enough for me. Although that means I can get them up same day they come live -- and on a lot of them they are only open for a week or less. Translates into great odds to win ... if you want to win a book. Some don't of course, but those books wins keep me going -- and I am getting some good stories to read.

        When entering randomly ~ found I won less -- for last several years while still actually working However I do still throw an easy entry into just about everything I come across, when searching for sweeps. Not all get posted here but I might still throw an entry in while I am there!

        My entering is for kids stuff, gift cards, books (altho I do have enough for at least a few years of reading already), trips and anything else that tickles my fancy. I have been entering for campers and motor homes, because although we have one, it would be nice to have a new one. Or have a second one for that matter I enter for ATV, UTV and RZR because we use those -- when we go camping if we are planning to ride.

        Most importantly - you have to enjoy it - whenever you throw your entry into the universe for a win.
        I use sweep ... and roboform, google sometimes to fill contest in, and now firefox has been doing a fill in for me too. All that cuts down on my actual time to enter.


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          Found I do better at goodreads with late night entry. The last day of the contest. Those they send us in our emails, will enter, but not much luck with those.

          I like the one entry sweeps, each has the same chance to win. Don't like to follow a string of authors for my enries to count.

          Really don't care for the contest tied in with mags* to easy for them to start sending you the mags.

          FB I do, but not the instant gram like you Jo,

          Local contest fun also. Get baseball tickets, Christmas Shows, and stuff like that. Food Basket at time, even g/c from Honey Baked Store.


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            yay thanks for adding this to forum! Wow brad thats some serious record keeping. My mom kept all her info in a huge binder. She only did snails and was very sucessful at it. Her best year she won over 100K-a cadillac worth 25K,superbowl trip for 4 worth 25k,abt 25K cash and some other trips. Anyway from her binder she could tell u the prizes,kinds of envies she used,where she got the sweep info from,how many times she entered a sweep etc.
            I put my sweeps into folders on my pc-the daily ones i dont do daily but usually 3x a week and i will do them all at that time, The 1x only ones i enter them as soon as i see them. I belong to several sites that keep track of my entries.
            I use roboform-i rarely type any info in.
            My goal is to enter at least 500 sweeps per week. Last week i had 3 days off in a row and managed to enter 1000 sweeps in 3 days. I'm pretty fast at entering sweeps-besides roboform a fast browser also helps. I no longer use firefox-it was fast but it crashed alot. I either use chrome or opera.
            I rarely do social media sweeps but i do like text sweeps. I dont like blog giveaways-too much jumping through the hoops for me. I win from 3 blogs but could never get my prizes from the owners.
            I dont do the magazine "creative presentations"--they are one company awarding one prize in total but make it look like all of their magazines are each awarding 25K.
            I work full-time outside the house so i sweep after work. If i only have an hour then the best sweeps will be entered in that time frame. I mentioned in another thread that sometimes i like using an online timer or the one on my phone to see how many i can get done. It makes it fun for me-like a game.


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              I don't "count" my entries and rely on my memory for one timers. IF I am in doubt, I enter hubby -- and if it's complicated or hoops -- I also move on. There are just too many out there to worry about one more entry. I usually throw at least one entry into the ones Vera posts and because she likes certain blogs, I have followed them, etc. so I get all the entries for those things each time. I have won quite a few things for the grandkids by doing that. The prizes aren't big but the kids love them.

              I have found that Instagram which by the way I have on my phone and computer are easy. Usually follow, like the post and tag someone. I love when people tag me because I can't be out every place looking for new sweeps and it makes it easy for me.

              i won 2 things on Instagram lately both of which came quickly-- Brazilian blowout titanium flat iron, and cookies. I still have one which I think is some type of water bottle that I haven't received yet.
              I did win a few things a while back, but darned if I can remember what they were. So you can win there. I do use the computer mostly on Instagram, but you have to use your phone for some things, simply cannot do them online. Like you can enter online easily -- but you can't DM if you win online, you have to use your phone, etc.