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4th of July Celebrations

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  • 4th of July Celebrations

    We are having breakfast on our neighbors' porch prior to our village's parade. Our street is one of the staging areas so we get to watch pre-parade too.
    Then we will relax, swim, and grill steaks. And the grandkids are excited because I bought sparklers.
    How are you spending the 4th?

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    If no rain, can see the city fireworks display from my bouse. Usualy invite someone else to view with us. Have a snack fixed to share.

    Noticed a few minutes ago a small flag by my sidewalk *other neighbors also. Someone thanked whoever did this, and it seems a group of kids did. Parents following them in car as they placed them out. Very nice!!!
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      Today will be in the 90s, with a heat index of 105. It is very humid, muggy, hard to breathe, and there will be "spotty showers" off and on all day. I, as well as the other senior citizen homeowners around here, will be staying inside with our TVs, books, computers, etc. Watching all the festivities on TV is the safest (and sanest) thing we all can do.


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        Well, inside for sure so far. It's already 85 hazy, hot and humid outside. I am also doing laundry and packing for our trip to NJ then PA with Ann. We will drive home on Sunday -- do what we need to work wise (CCSS) and pack all over again for NC --

        Saw where they didn't have enough rooms booked at the hotel - and know you are staying there Terry... but the difference was almost $275 more to stay there than the Hilton 3/10's of a mile away. That $275 will pay for gas and food for our entire trip. My personal thought was if the hotel was more of a "bargain" for the convention go-ers (like myself) we'd all have our rooms booked there.. and I think they would have made out better doing that (as of last night - rooms there were $151/night online for triple -- the convention rate is $199 for triple) -- that to me is a lot of extra money per night ($48 per night) at the same hotel. If they wanted to fill it with the convention go-ers, they should have made it $139/night and I think everyone (including me) would have been staying there. Just my 2 cents.

        At the Nov. mini they said they negotiated the rate $179 for double -- and they are selling the rooms for $151 triple now... that was not a good negotiation (IMO).

        Off the soapbox. Just would have LOVED to stay at the convention hotel itself but really couldn't justify the cost. We are in town 3/10's of a mile away for lots less.
        Have you ever gone to a National Convention before?


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          I wonder if they made up the difference in number of rooms that they needed. Two of my Lucky Lilacs aren't staying at the convention hotel either. When I made the reservation I figured the rest of my club would be staying there too, but at least 2 of them aren't, maybe 4. I just sucked it up LOL,
          I went to the Nationals in NH and Boston.