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Sadness : Need prayers

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  • Sadness : Need prayers

    If you are the praying sort... please pray for my family.
    Sadness is the least of the emotions I guess we feel right now.

    My sister is in rehab with her new hip (she had hip replacement 3/28/18)
    My nephew is having the remainder of his second leg, amputated below the knee today.
    Pray all goes well and continues to go well for both of them, as they deal with these life changing issues.

    and we are grieving for my niece (his sister) who committed suicide on Sunday. Pray that we might get through all of this sorrow and emotional pain.

    I will likely be going back to NJ soon. I am not sure when, for how long, etc. I was planning on returning when Ann got out of rehab -- but likely I might need to go earlier.
    Again... I know you all understand. I know God has a plan. I am just not quite understanding it right now.

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    I'm so sorry for what your family is facing - I am sending loving thoughts for you all.


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      Prayers and {{hugs}} coming your way.


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        Prayers for your family.


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          Jo, will continue to be in our prayers. Sure hope your sister is doing some better. Know that is super hard for her, to be down with her hip with all going on.


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            Thank you for your prayers and concerns. Ann wants to say thank you... to all of you. She is doing OK. Better every day. She was able to do a couple of stairs today, although she does feel she needs more practice! She says she is likely going home next week. Staples come out of her hip next Monday. So... unless needed I will be home till I can plan around all of that next week.


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              Any update Jo? We lost 2 grand kids to suicide over 2 years in a row and it is something that we will live with forever. Also Ann should be good to go by now with her new hip?
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                Ann is still struggling with her hip -- she seems to have nightmares about the surgery like she wasn't quite out and her subconscious took note of all it. She was in recovery room for a long time suffering and screaming for them to please call her Dr. as the pain meds were not working but they ignored her. So needless to say... she is still dealing with the aftermath of it... almost now a year later.
                Two of my nieces and I have offered for her to live with us -- she is getting close to needing to do that -- because of where she and who she is with now. Long story. We have tried to encourage her to do 3-4 months with each of us and rotate around. Leaving clothes and stuff in each place and then being able to spend time with all of us.

                My niece is not over her sisters suicide and is in counseling/therapy to try and deal with it. I feel so bad for her as there is enough evidence to bring a civil suit against the boyfriend (who emptied out her accounts after she died , gave her the loaded gun and encouraged her to do it). But he is "politically" and "legally" connected in that area (father, grandfather, etc) -- and broke (possibly other things, like drug addicted, and collects social security for a mental issue). So a lawsuit would make him guilty, but with the connections and all -- it's just not money well spent. He'll be guilty but his connections would likely get him little to no jail time or fines. There is as you say, nothing that makes it better.

                My nephew is glad to have the other leg gone. He was in so much pain with the infections and everything they had to do to try and save them. Now he is working hard to get up and walk on 2 artificial limbs. It's not easy and it takes time, but he has the will to do it. His wife is supportive too with all he needs and that's good. He and his brother also struggle still with the suicide -- but in less of a way than my niece. She had to made some tough decisions regarding her own family and their needs and feels as if by doing that, she drove her to do it. It's not true of course... but hard when you think you could have changed things... if only if...

                I am sorry about your grandkids -- and can't imagine that heartache.


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                  Jo not worked for my Goddaughter years ago when she tried to kill herself, but after her Mom died she got in with wrong crowd and turned to drinking. Come home from work early and shot herself in head. Didn't die instantly, bleeding everywhere. Called 911 and thank God got to her in time. But Jo, she had been through so many surgeries, because of this. Looks nothing like before. So many reconstructions on her mouth and face. We tell her that God gave her a 2nd chance, husband and family stood by her. Many wouldn't. We all have times, that we ask ourselves, how any of us could of helped her. But she was one that kept lots inside, and it just too much for her.

                  Wish your sister would consider staying with some of the family. I know you and her enjoy trips together, so hopefully when she decides will consider your offer. It took FIL a long time before he would come live with us. But when his companion died, they had already discussed where he would live. To the point he didn't drive, health not that great and just couldn't manage on his own. We rented van and went down and moved him up. Lots of adjustments for all, and wish he had moved in earlier. Then him and son would of been able to do more together. But lived here until got to point Hospice took over, and he couldn't even get up by himself. Needed 24 care, so a local nursinghome and us visiting daily and keeps tabs on him. Would hate to see that happen to your sister,

                  And I'm sure with your nephew since eased his pain some, glad he had the surgery done. Pain will drive a person crazy.