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Severe Thunderstorm Warning

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  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning

    Supposed to drop the temperature from 89 to 70 and it's been rumbling for awhile - -- Accuweather says we have 7 mins!

    Here it comes!

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    Well that was FAST. It's still raining but the sun is out and it looks like the whole thing moved past.
    Got REAL dark, rained, and now back to "normal"... amazing.


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      It came, it went... it came back !! Hubby says there are supposed to be extreme thunderstorms on and all all night !!


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        Hot and muggy. Said 60% change of rain this evening. Kevin works tonight so will go over and stay with Rose. Know she would like to use the pool here at the last. They leave during night Sunday for trip back home, when roads cooler. Pops said better for me go there. Don't need the ladies coming in for me to help with veggies, need to take a break.


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          Haven't been outside for more than a minute or two for last few days. I just look out there and know it's humid and going in and out, gets me a headache pretty I have been avoiding it.

          How are you Vera? -- saw you didn't feel good yesterday -- you do need to rest!
          You know you can say no to the ladies with the veggies (or pops can let them know)... tell them you just need your rest.

          I have been selling a few things on ebay. I have so many to sell tho, it's hard to know what to put up, and what not to.
          Mostly hubby has been with my son working -- till usually 1-2 from early morning on the farm house -- by then he's tired and too hot. Today he went to my sons house to help repair the motor home and he hasn't come home yet! No phone call either -- but at least he can go inside and cool off in their air conditioning

          Missed our conversations!


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            Had told them no more canning until somewhat cooler. Right now have to stick with that. never seen a summer like this before. Sure will helping them more later. Kevin and Rose picked me up early today, and took a small overnight bag. He works tonight 9:00 pm- 4:00 am. Said just use his bed and he would crash on sofa in living room when he comes in.
            Rose and I lots inside hot part of day. She was getting laundry caught up and packing to go home. She has really been a help to Kevin this time.
            This week they did more school shopping and showed me the things they have now. A big basket full. 3 pair jeans and a capripants set from the Chidren's store. 3 nice tops from Walmart marked down. Big bundle of soaks and undies. Each girl got this. But then Rose showed me her fav. She had went with Kevin to the college book store to pick up a couple books he was on a waiting list for upcoming classes and the ninice college jacket little flannel lining, style will change a little when new ones come in. Kevin bought each girl one and also his Mom. The extra small not real big for . Got for $7 each and usual cost $25. She was so proud said now she could think of him all time when she wore the jacket.

            They had also picked out new shoes from the shoe guy at the flea market, so new shoes also.

            Ladies in office give Rose some small jobs to do and paid her (take mail to thet for themselve seniors can't get for themselves, Let her clen
            sidewalks in front of office and post off part and water those plants daily, etc. Thinkgs knew would help Kevin and give Rose something to do. So when her and Kevin went to be big church yard sale, she found some nice things. Lots of the dresses were only $2 and most used for church. Rose got 2 and they special since Kevin's Mom sewing most that stuff. Also another expensive pair of tennis shoes.

            But Rose, Kevin and I been veggies up for her family. She is real proud of them. They been bowling a couple times (summer coupons) and few indoor movies like that, took her to beach one day, shopping a few. Just them some quality time together. She stayed with Pops and I a few nights, and I've stayed at their place some.

            Rose getting her bath now from pool time. Then we will walk over and pick us a movie to watch. A nice day for all.

            Felt better today.
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