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Helping Lisa Get Things Ready to go Stay at Her Apartment Later Today

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  • Helping Lisa Get Things Ready to go Stay at Her Apartment Later Today

    The kids ready to go back to their place. So Pops will take her on kids over around 3:00, be there when Mark Jr gets off work Pops and I want to fix enough food mostly have to warm up for a couple days. So put a slow cooker of beef stew on and one of spaghetti sauce. When take them over with take 1/2 of each for them. Put a pound cake in oven early this morning. Got two dishes of fresh fruits cut up for the frig for them also.

    Pops just left to cut the air back on, and move the hot water heater out of vacation mode Said he would make a jug of lemonade and tea while there also, and leave in frig so cold.

    Back at their place Mark Jr can take the baby out late evening to cool off in pool, and Lisa can sit on the patio and see them. Be awhile before she can use the pool.

    They have been with Pops and I so much lately, know they ready to get back home.

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    Yes... its nice to have help, but after a while -- it's also nice to be HOME!

    We aren't going with the kids on this next motor home trip Monday. Mostly it's because of something my son said last time -- so we thought we wouldn't go this round. Had something to do with not having any private time -- ie we were always there too. And you know we want them to ENJOY their vacations with the kids, so we aren't going. They had 2 vacations last year alone and I guess it was different having us with them. I know hubby and I snore and it annoys the both of them -- but we sleep out with the kids -- they have the bedroom to themselves in the back -- still I'll bet they can hear us even over the air conditioner in there!

    We are still trying to plan a return to Hershey this year... I have to call up there and see when they close, etc. If my son has the motor home ready to go for next Monday... I am guessing it's ready to go anywhere -- AND I am going to try and get hubby to take me on a short trip just the two of us! I just don't know where or when ~ Not what I wanted the motor home for.........but I guess I am going to have to settle for that for now.


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      Family time nice Jo, but can understand private time also. Pops and I got Lisa and kids settled in, and know have things for nice dinner. And also nice to have our place just the 2 of us.


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        And now you and pops can relax after they go back to their place - you've earned a break.

        The only adult child we have gone on vacation with is the youngest - he's unmarried & he went with us & 2 granddaughters to Disney.
        No vacation planned for us this year - we are a little busy at home LOL


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          I'd say you were very busy settling into your new home ~

          I want to go somewhere... I always want to (like I get the itch to go every couple of months) -- and we do go to Florida twice a year .... maybe it's time I plan our next trip there.
          It would solve a lot of problems if I just won a trip right?


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            Oh, I get the itch too but I told Rich I wouldn't press for a vacation this year.
            Actually I told him no 'big' vacation for 5 years when we plan to take the youngest granddaughters to WDW.

            But. when it was announced that the Sweepstakes Convention is in NH next year. and I found out the NH Nascar race is the weekend after, I thought a week in the NH area would be a great vacation, so we will see how that works out.


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              Please try to remind me when the sign ups start for that... the NH convention.
              And then since we aren't planning one... winning one could be fun ~