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  • Another Busy Day

    Day started with 2 Emergency Alerts on our phones for flash flooding -- and it was raining pretty hard for quite some time... one said they were imminent -- thankfully not at our house, but in low lying area's I guess.

    Didn't expect to have to go into the office today -- but we did. I did all the bank reconciliations and started on the end of the year statements for the CPA, when my computer date said... 7/12/2010. What?? Well that started a whole lot of things going on... from rebooting the office server to changing dates manually. In the end ~~~ It was really hot up there in my office and altho we fixed the dates, I will need to get back and redo the reports because on one of them we had an invoice show up -- from 2017. It was the only anomaly I saw... but I do have to find out why it showed up as I do not remember it previously. I should go back and look at fiscal 2018 statements and see if it was there too? Just hoping none of my data is getting scrambled.

    Hubby has to go back tomorrow to the office .... but I think I'll stay home. My paperwork for end of fiscal year is not usually done till end of July... and my CPA is usually on vacation these next 2 weeks, so no rush on all of that.

    We then had to go to UPS, US Postal Service and the Bank.

    Then we did some grocery shopping ... Costco and Walmart. Lots of walking. We got things we had on our lists (hubby had one too! ) His and mine were different

    It wasn't hot hot... like 79 degrees but the humidity out there is like 90+% and I was sweating like crazy.... just getting from parking lot to the store (and we never park close).

    Now I am just really tired. Can't find my camera battery charger and that too has me going crazy looking for it. I know it's here "somewhere".... UG.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day wherever you are!!

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    Monday was a busy day here for me as well. It was another 84 degree day, sunny (for a change), very humid, with those dratted mosquitoes, gnats, etc. because of all the rain we've been having.

    So, before the rain moves in agan on Tuesday, I tractor mowed the front, then did some trimming, raking etc. Then after a lunch break, did electric mowing around trees and tight spots that are too dangerous for the tractor mower. Whew...lots of hard work for this elderly great-grandma.

    So, today (Tuesday) Goodreads e-mailed me that I've won Queen Meryl, the story of Meryl Streep, and with my morning coffee, I'm already on the Internet entering for things I really want and need.

    Have a great day!


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      Gee Jo, that is weird - hope you get the computer issue resolved.

      Good for you Audrey getting all your yard work done - we have no yard work because at this point, we have no yard - just dirt. I did buy bring some plants from the old house and bought some others, so I have them in a temporary garden bed. We want a large area of wildflowers so we are doing an experiment on a small area - we spread seeds on the soil as is (mostly clay) and another spot we mixed garden soil in.

      Waiting for a dryer repairman today - my new dryer has a rattle and I have only used it about 10 times

      I got several boxes unpacked yesterday & hope to get more unpacked today. Also, making a sign with our house number.


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        Oh, I hope that dryer issue is a small one, esp. on a new dryer!
        Hubby at work, expected him back. I have a closet and a few other things pulled apart but wanted to check in here.

        Haven't been outside today, looks Sunny -- and my computer says it's just 76 degrees.


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          Whew, did another 2 hours of tractor mowing, trimming, weeding, raking, etc. Now it's 12:45 and getting really dark out there. Storms are moving this way, TV weatherman says.

          I'm tired and just going out to check my mail tonight. It's a good afternoon for reading, TV watching, and a little contest entering.


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            Bad news - someone messed up & the service authorization never got to the service person. But it did get rescheduled for Thursday.
            Good news - a customer sent Rich's company a dozen fresh lobsters from Maine - so he is bringing 2 home for dinner - yum!


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              And here comes the far, not too heavy (yet).


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                Hot and humid, but keeps hearing thunder in the distance. So know rain on the way. Nicole sleeping again. Seems they do lots of that when so small. Told Baby Mark is she keeps eating her bottles good will be growing soon.


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                  Happy to hear Nicole is doing well --

                  We spent part of the day setting up the iphone the kids gave me -- I am not sure I will like it because the screen is sooooo small compared to my old phone... but we shall see -- willing to give it a chance for the $15.77 the sim car costs -- but not right away. Right now since I have having major issues with a bunch of stuff including getting photo's for my ebay stuff... I am going to use it for that!

                  Just got back from doing the trash and's actually nice out... a bit humid but not that hot!!