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  • Lisa and Baby Home

    Mark signed his parts last night, since Pops needed to pick them up. So Lisa called at 9:00 and said her /baby ready to come home. Glad since more of the pouring rain now. But guess Nicole likes the rain. Just had one of her small bottles and sound asleep again.

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    OMG... how happy are you grandma? I would be over the moon .... I really love my grand babies!


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      Really happy, and glad that Walmart is working with Mark Jr. When gave him schedule for this week, moved all his hours to later in week. Usually a long Monday night, but not this time. Next work for him at Walmart will be Friday night. Now his other job, not as nice, even went in the morning a few hours since they closed on the 4th.


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        Different places, different rules..........and he's been a good Walmart employee for some time, while this other job has only been months. I am glad tho he's got the extra time from Walmart off to help out at night with the baby.


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          How's everyone doing Vera? I bet MArk Jr is excited to be a big brother but it's a big adjustment to go from 1 child to 2.


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            Mark Jr brought the cradle into the living room, so Lisa and Nicole can hang around with the family today. Nicole eats and burps good. Lots of times the baby is sitting on the couch with them when Nicole has her bottle. This morning Pops took Baby Mark to little park to feed the ducks, and play for awhile. Don't need him to get to feel left out,, and Pops have always took up lots of time with him.

            A friend of Lisa's dropped in for a few minutes around 10:00. So that cheered Lisa up also.

            All all sames to be adjusting well.