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  • Another Busy Day

    The ladies already got their broc/carrots on. Did make the 14 quarts with just a little left. Our rain had cooler the air some so not bad this morning 77 right now, but sure temp will rise fast. Pops take them home when vegs finished. I need to go be with Rose some today. Need to be there when she gets in from Vacation Bible Schhol Kevin lots of work for after the company cookout. Lady be here soon to also pick up Stellas gilrs for the Bible School. the Last day for two weeks. Stella said girls talk and talk about it. Been a special treat for them.

    Pops will hang around with Lisa today. Baby Mark can either go with me or stay with them.

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    We'll be busy too.
    I have to pick up grandson Robert - he will be staying with us until Sunday AM when we will take him to Scout camp for a week of Youth Leadership Training.
    Have to pick up a few items he still needs for camp.
    Back to the old house to pack up some more boxes - how can there still be stuff there? And more of that tomorrow - we are having the carpets cleaned for the new owners on Sunday.


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      Well -- hubby says it's like a SAUNA outside although temperature is only 72 right now. It's still morning -- so I am imagine what it might be like later today.
      I will pick up my grandson at some point today for his weekly sleepover.

      We were supposed to go on another beach trip with motor home soon, but not sure how that is going. I know my son needed estimate to send to insurance company, and all of that and then he was going to fix it (not sure how long that will take him but he has some sort of plan to do it) -- and then I guess we would be guinea pigs testing it out. Will just have to see how that goes!

      The other day when I made of list of things I wanted to accomplish -- I got them done -- so maybe I need to make a list every day!

      Hubby so far is liking his iphone he got from my son. He's still on a learning curve but it's working much much better than his phone was!
      Gotta clean out email and see if there are any wins... but thinking most of the contests didn't pull them yet because of the holiday and such (when they have mail in ones they usually allow for 7 days or so for them to get there)... and I am still mailing in my entries too! Lots less than I used to but I think I do up to 50 a month.