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    Pops give the girls the ok to do some canning, since rain cooled things down somewhat. And you can't beat a better weekend for the veggies. the 40 lb box of tomatoes normal sell $10-$12. Let them have a box for $5. String beans 1/2 bushel basket $2, dozen ears yellow corn $1. Girls bought those together to make soup mixture.Working together they have both my canners full of quart jars. Will be ready to take up in 15 minutes and got enough jars for 2 more canners full. So each get 14 quarts those. Kids been had their cookies and milk and all sleeping. Stella and girls can have my room. Sofa lets out for bed in living room, and Baby Mark glad to give his bed tonight to Ashley's little one. Gives him a reason to sleep with Mom.

    Huge 2 lb bags of broc tops $1.25 and baby carrots 5 lb bags $1. They bought enough of these should have 2 canners of these *will do early in the morning. So will be 7 quarts broc/carrots mixed for each also.

    Pops brought Lisa and I also 2 bags each of the broc. Mine goes in the frig to use. Maybe if they still have some Saturday, might get some to put up for Ms Amy. One of her favs also. Likes with baked chicken or a casserole.

    Ice box water melons $1 each. Ashley got 1 and Stella 2 of those. Cantaloupes 2/$1. Stella 4 and Ashley 2. Large blueberries *nicer than what we get in heat. 75 cents lb cartons. Both got a few said what didn't eat freeze for the freezer *pancakes muffins. Sale come at a good time, both had got paid first of month, so using some of their grocery budget. Guess don't need to ask if kids eating healthy.

    I texted Kevin to tell him about the veggies. Said when he went to pick up the fruits for the company picnic had ordered the same way. So got bunches of the broc/carrots and Rose helped get canned tonight. Few will stay with him, but a case goes home for his Mom and the girls. Said he will check before starting to take Rose home early Sunday. If still have the tomatoes pick her a box to take home, Rain messed her tomatoes up in garden this year. Maybe some of the broc/carrots also, so can use some while fresh and can the others.
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    It is a problem that people on limited incomes often don't have access to fresh fruits & veggies - have to resort to poorer quality foods.
    But luckily for your group they will be eating healthier for a long while - especially important for the kids, like you said.


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      I am happy to see them working to get the fresh and healthier alternative -- plus they are getting LOTS for a small price overall --
      I'd love to do some -- but I'd blanche and freeze I think over canning. I still have pot and some accessories around the house, but no jars! ~~ nor honestly the strength to do the canning and it can make the house hot! I am glad to see you helping the girls out. This is an amazing learning process for them and they are getting information that will help them for their entire lives.