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4th No Fireworks

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  • 4th No Fireworks

    The kids disappointed I know, but called off because of the weather. Said Saturday now. We just need a break in our weather. They will still have cookies and milk later.

    Everyone enjoyed dinner. I had fixed a big tray of tuna casserole and also a pan of beans/franks *kids request. Stella made a macaroni salad, french bread with cheese on top, large tray fresh fruits (cantaloupes/watermelon).. Ashley baked the strawberry poke cake for me. with fresh strawberries on the top.

    Pops put out the slip slide for the kids, and they had a ball. Think today has helped Lisa.

    Pops took both the ladies to the flea market. The guys had ordered for an extra time this week due to holiday. But yesterday, the wind and rain so bad didn't show up until today. Now stuff at a cut rate. And now more rain, so less produce sold then.

    Stella and Mark Jr got all the flowers finished. He gave her $100 for helping no way Lisa could. Said put back for school things, Already have tennis shoes on layaway at the flea market. Got several new school outfits made. So maybe this year be ready for school.

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    That's disappointing when you're a kid. We are going to the top of our hill to see if we can see the fireworks at the north end of the lake.
    Glad Stella was able to fill in for Lisa.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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      Hopefully the fireworks on Sat will be great.
      We don't go out, it's hard with the asthma to be close to them. I am really not into them like some people are.

      Kids put off some small ones in the driveway yesterday.