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    She went with Pop to pick up. That's what she made today, so money she had put back ask if Pops would take her before work tomorrow to shop with his flea market buddies for some veggies to put up. Looks good, but I ask her to leave on tonight and be sure working on before putting veggies in it.
    Just moved her table and chair on side of room when overhead cabinet is, and put the freezer on other side Said a blessing for her and girls, and now could have corn and lots of other stuff. Bigger than sad even hoped for. So keeping fingers crossed will find her much wanted corn at flea market.

    Looks like a good day tomorrow to help again. This week only the breakfast hours at school. Girls are excited also. Never know what will find at flea market, bhe ut got the cabinets and now the freezer. And Stella said ready to get started.

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