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    Since the big kids took over their time talked with main Moms yesterday. Toodler time this morning 9:00-10:30. Lots will be doing laundry today, and hope big kids riding bikes or basketball. So maybe a little sewing time after that with Ms Sims for her girls while bus load at flea market. Had picked her denium material at the cloth store for a shirt set for each for school. She has already cut out so will help her sew those. They were one that stove was fixed yesterday. So give Pops a mini list of a few things to bake bread and cookies now.

    Maybe home around 2:00 or 3:00. But will be leaving in about 30 minutes this morning.

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    Well, I am tired today. Grandson was here till we took him, about 2PM and a load of stuff for the motor home (our clothes, my diet coke and a few other things). Tomorrow will be pillows, blanket, medicine, and the food I cooked and bought.

    I made the shrimp casserole she asked for -- and macaroni salad which I know the kids love this morning ~~ while my grandson was here. I will be bringing hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls for both, ham and turkey, cheeses and more tomorrow too. There is no way we should need anything -- Catherine is bringing stuff for the little ones that we don't eat -- cereal/milk and the like. She is also going to do Chicken Teriyaki one night. She's totally in charge of that. We will have leftover hot dogs (we bought the expensive ones without nitrates, etc) and maybe even hamburger meat (I have a 2 lb. package) which we will freeze in the motor home freezer for next weeks trip. I filled up the squirt bottles of mayo and ketchup and have a good amount of stuff to fit into that refrigerator. OH... also made chocolate chip cookies to bring -- homemade ones!!

    One year I even cooked a roast in my electric frying pan and it turned out great. There is nothing we can't improvise with...

    I am picking up my "dozen" free donuts from Krispy Kreme on the way... I won that dozen a month sweepstakes -- so going to pick up my JUNE dozen on the way to their house tomorrow. We are going to be leaving about 10 ish for the campground. But we will be at my sons by 9AM -- because there is packing the rest of the stuff in refrig/freezer -- making beds (if we do them before we leave) and other things like securing everything down. There are already about 4 bikes on the rack on the back of the motor home and I was told that the others are going in our Sequoia which Catherine, me and the kids will be traveling in. AND of course the car seats have to be moved into the Sequoia too. Just last minute, normal things to be able to get going.

    Next week it's probably a hamburger/hot dog, pork chops with cabbage (kids like this) and marinaded chicken and/or shrimp skewers.
    But after next weeks trip we are going to PA Thurs thru Monday -- and the kids will bring the motor home back with them. It'll only be about 2 hr. trip for us from Hershey PA to my nieces.

    Ok, well, I want to do a few empty all my email -- and maybe check the random house sweeps.


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      You have been one busy lady. Wish you and family safe trip.