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    First... went to Urgent Care (for those concerned about me) -- and got meds again. Same thing, nebulizer treatment there for wheezing and blood O2 level at 95 -- after treatment level still 95. It's not terrible the 95 but it's not superior either... Then again on antibiotics and steriods. Usual things. I knew this was going to happen -- I mean I felt sick, and was coughing up green stuff (on and off) for 3 days now. It's a sure sign I need to go to Dr. Plus my chest really hurt this round -- anyway... feeling better. Meds start when I eat dinner.

    Second... leaving on Monday for few days away in motorhome -- we are driving back on Thursday.
    Third... leaving again the next Monday (17th) for a longer trip. Will be gone till June 24th.

    So... I don't think I will have any computer access at that time, and won't be around to post the sweeps I find everyday.
    Please remember to thank Vera for those she posts.

    If we bring the laptop and I use it, my time on it likely will be limited... but if I can find the time, I will try and visit!

    Right now I have scheduled post for yesuwon, some of which I have already posted here, some not -- till June 14th. I need to get a lot more done before I go, and then on the few days I am back home after trip #1.

    Take a chance... try to post something. You can do it.

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    Glad you went to doctor Jo, so maybe your trips can be better.Everybody needs a break. I've made plans for me and Pops mid Sept., so guess new baby goes with us. Hope all going well and Lisa back to work full time. Also our homeowners timeshare meeting first Saturday of Dec. Have a week scheduled then and check out that morning. Baby girl can go then also.

    We plan to avoid the crowds, but Pops and I like the slower times, before gets too cold.

    I'll do trip best I can while you away, just enjoy your trip and family.

    Home now. My guy I tagging behind last 2 for today, a man will be at house, so Pops brought me home. Stella and girls come with me and sitting on patio while girls and Baby playing in back yard and doing her sweeps on computer.

    They will be half thru the units, so hopefully finish up tomorrow.

    She is excited gets to work tomorrow. Extra teams be there Monday and need another dorm set up for them, so extra $75 to go towards a freezer. So Pops need to start looking.


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      Have a wonderful trip Jo - glad you went too get checked out - have to get you feeling better for your trip!

      My time online is hit or miss while we pack/move/etc - I will try to post any I find if & when I can. And I know Vera will do what she can too


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        Thanks. Took first antibiotic dose -- and don't feel quite as bad. But mornings are the especially hard times for me.
        Felt decent last night too... but then this morning knew I had to go to Urgent Care. And they want me to see a pulmonologist... but last time I saw one she told me "you have asthma, deal with it". No real helpful recommendations, nothing but USE the QVAR (inhaled steriod) every day to try and help control it (but that's in short supply and costs $88 each). Asked Kaiser for "90 day supply" as prescribed - and they gave me 2 for $100. I have inhaled steriod for the nebulizer (this is like 60 days supply and only cost $10) -- which I used yesterday and today even before I went to Urgent Care. So I guess I was "worse" off than even they seen today as I know it worked some (from how I felt).

        AND this year.... specialists are not covered at all (all out of pocket) and no tests or Xray are covered, and meds that are too high priced are ...well, disallowed (they don't pay anything towards them). So likely NOT going to pay the $$ it would cost for another pulmonologist and the expensive meds right now.

        Hoping all the vacations are good. Usually we have a great time. I am however supposed to also be drinking water, and resting too ~~ so I can't have too much fun

        Enjoy your company. Grandson eating and I want to try and get another day of yesuwon done.