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  • Mr Wright Called Good News

    The company that Kevin found did carry the older stoves the apartments has, got back with Mr Franklin. Better than ever dreamed of. Said way in the back found the item we needed. Said he don't even remember the last ones of those he sold. Knew several apartments, years back did order, but when those quit ordering, figured they had remodeled. he has 3 cases (12 in each+ 3 in anther part case. He also had 1 case of the broiler units.And 1 count box of the stove knobs, He told Mr Franklin those boxes no UPC on them either, so means very old and hopes the wiring not dry rotted. Said didn't feel right charging him, not knowing if usable, so what about just pay postage. Sure can't beat that.

    He ask Pops if he could get a couple ladies to come over tomorrow to go around with mantience guys. Some of seniors very uncomfortable someone coming in their homes. So in the morning, Mae, I and office manager will be there. The apartment dwellers don't know yet, can't get hopes up and might not work. Maybe with 3 working at the time can get lots done this weekend.

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    That's spectacular news!! And can't beat the price
    Bet those that are able to get their stoves/ovens fixed will be happy too!


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      Pops just dropped me off to get some lunch together. Mr Franklin will come with him for lunch.
      Started out this morning with 3 maintence workers and Mae. lady from office and self. One started
      from back side, one front side and 1 in middle. My guy right now working an apartment with a man and
      son, why Pops brought me home. I had left beans/ham on and fixed a big salad for frig this morning.
      2 lemon pies last night when up.

      Jo each unit go in and is fixed is so happy. I don't know about the others but my maintence guy 4 so far.
      They should be in anytime, eat and all go back. Know not finish today a good head start.

      Ashley has office all by herself today, since office manager helping us all. So far only had to go in since lady lives
      alone. Then Pops told me go to community room, would call when needed again. So basically keeping tabs
      those signing up for laundry room, or sewing room. Brought some more books and put out while here.

      Mr Wright said no more mix up with toddler time. Had the manager type a memo for mailbox, to check clip boards, for activites
      planned. Tv in use then. If rather not follow rules no more Friday Family Night.

      Those big ones just rude the other day, I didn't want to cause any hassels.


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        Really again sorry for the big ones and TV issue.
        Happy about the stoves, air conditioners, hot water, washers, dryers, lines, sewing room, playground, etc. What a transformation after they were "ignored" for so long.