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90 degrees today

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  • 90 degrees today

    It's been hot, humid, still (no breeze) and sunny for days now.

    My son brought me bug repellant and first aid cream last night, along with groceries and gas for my tractor, bless his heart.

    So, at 8am this morning, before it heated up outside, I tractor mowed my entire big yards. It looks terrific! And the repellant nasty bug bite like I got the other day.

    Now I'm having coffee and will spend the day inside, reading "Summer Hours", watching TV, and entering sweeps, of course.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    I haven't a clue what it's like outside, but I am about to find out.

    Can't believe you are done with your outside work .... Good for you!!

    Hubby by the way has now been spraying his clothes, esp. to the knee with bug spray -- he is bit all over from working on the farmhouse.

    I am going to go over to the motor home and try to help Catherine clean it out for the trip. We usually vaccum, and wipe everything inside down with disinfectant wash. My son sprayed it with a HUMAN friendly bug killer and Catherine says there are ants, spiders and all manner of bugs on the floors -- and she isn't fond of any of that.... which I think is why she called for me to come and help. I usually do help her - we do it together, but I think that the schedule she has for the next few days isn't going to allow us much "other time" to do it as a team.

    I might also go to Urgent care. I did a steriod breathing treatment but my chest hurts still -- and I coughed up green stuff this AM again. Usually when it gets to green I need to get the steriods and the antibiotics again. Don't know how long it's been since I went last time... hopefully the time between going has stretched from last year -- it does feel like that to me. HATE that you cannot see your doctor when you need them... hate hate hate that. I mean I go to urgent care, it's double the price (copay) and I see a different Dr. each time -- who doesn't know me and what I have going on here.


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      Good for you Audrey - you've earned your relaxation time!

      Jo, where is the trip to this time? And don't ignore the green stuff.

      Our realtor brought a couple to see the house this morning, who can't make it to one of this weekend's open houses. The house is as clean as it's going to get, so why not?
      I've packed a load of boxes in my car to take to the new place tomorrow.

      Relaxing a bit, paying bills, sweeping, doing laundry.

      Our weather is sunny and supposed to be high 70s all weekend - hopefully it won't get too muggy.


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        Yesterday, the rain messed up cable. Trucks come out and worked on major boxes. Sure made a mess not being able to check email. overfollowed when finally got to them.

        Would be nice if you could have a quick sale. Know you r eady to move.

        Jo, hope you can get some meds this time, and check up before time for you to go out of town. Traveling no fun sick.


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          Well, I am back home and didn't go to urgent care.... I will do another breathing treatment and if I cough up any more green stuff I will go in the morning, or later tonight...they are open till like 10PM around here.
          I feel ok...and then I don't. I feel like nothing can get me, I am ready to take on the world, and then I just want to sleep and have people leave me alone.

          Well, the motor home is cleaned. I went to dollar store for new shower curtain as I told Catherine that for a dollar, lets just get a new one each year -- just feels cleaner than having one that sat all winter... altho the guys used the motor home and went ATV riding and used the shower, but still. Worth the dollar to me. She said it wasn't as buggy as she thought, but then I vacuumed up the bugs I could get from the doorway the minute I got there. She moved the truck out from under the awning and then backed it back in like a pro. Little Hannah helped us, David was sleeping.

          Went to Harris Teeter ( 2.47 per 12 pk of Diet Coke, limit 3) and then the Dollar store, and then to Walmart. Now tired for sure.

          I didn't get to the CCSS stuff, so I am going to do that now.

          We are going to Chincoteague Island (MD) -- Catherine says it's 3-4 hours. We will be there till Thursday when we come back home.
          Next week we are gone for another trip to Hershey Park in PA.
          Am thankful my son lives here during these times so I don't have to worry about my cat

          Then we have a break till next month when we go to Myrtle Beach, I think???
          Oh Hubby might be home... that means I will have to cook him something to eat.

          Vera...sorry about your cable. How annoying!

          More later ladies.