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    It didn't turn out well today. The big kids had aleady took over the tv in community room,. since rain. But our Toddler time was on clip. Just not worth the missup. So we used their playroom and read books instesd, and had cookies and milk. I had not brought for a big bunch of kids. Their Movie time is tomorow.

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    Sorry. These things will happen.

    Hope you are Ok. Missed you yesterday.

    I might go to urgent care. We are supposed to go on first moto rhome trip on Monday thru Thursday when we drive back home and I am coughing pretty bad again! I think I'll do a breathing treatment first and see if that helps. Maybe that's all I need? I have been trying to go out at least every other day to walk around --- but I push myself to do it.

    So first trip coming up. I am going to cook some things on Sunday ... and then off we go to Maryland.
    Hoping it's not too hot for me and thankful the motor home has air conditioning.

    Hubby went to office this morning to meet up with client, and I need to do some CCSS paperwork yet today. I'll do that while I am doing the breathing treatment. Grandson isn't coming to sleep over till tomorrow...because of a wedding they are going to tomorrow evening.