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  • Busy Day!

    The high school graduation was at 9:30 at Patriot Center (they might call it something else now but that's how I know it) -- it is at George Mason University in Fairfax. There were like 622 graduates and the place was I would say at least 65% full. It lasted a while because there were so many ... but I was amazed to see out of those about 150+ had perfect 4.0 grade point averages -- and about 40 of those had taken college classes as well.

    After that -- about 2 1/2 hours -- we went to work to get a package out, drag in our mail, and other things -- only one bill -- and it had a credit on it -- so our electricity last month was only $13.50 which is less than the taxes usually are per month! Nice surprise.

    We went to UPS, the bank and then the post office too on our way home ... then downstairs to chat and eat with the graduate!
    I feel exhausted. Of course I have been up since 6:00 AM -- wanted to get in the shower before anyone else this morning.

    Now to get a yesuwon post done and then who know... but feeling sleepy!

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    That's a huge graduating class - wonderful to hear of the successes.

    We have a niece graduating high school but I am not sure if there will be a party - she is shy & quiet & doesn't like attention, so may not want a big to-do.