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Looks Like My Late Night Computer Time Paid Off

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  • Looks Like My Late Night Computer Time Paid Off

    Well after my very late night/early morning time on computer didn't get early start on computer. But did set the clock so could get lunch fixed ready for pickup time for the guys working. They had finished up the 2nd Wooden Toy in the playarea. Not got to see yet, but I'll be over there tomorrow, do final touches for the Sewing Room and being sure everything working, before opening for use. But had a call and The Toddlers wants another special day, since school be out soon. Right now we have their room complete. Thanks to help some nice donations, finds on craigs list, marketplace. Many like new and some even FREE.

    Last night got 2 lists together for 2 groups of guy to check out. Some got some much needed stuff for the upcoming Free Flea Market. Wow, when I sent Pops some of the pics of things found he amazed. Even two loades of free oak one, and a tree service has promised more free down the line.
    Guys can use money made off that for some funds for much needs (paint, nails, mini micro waves so many need, sleeping solutions many ask for help with, and lots need more storage). Most time pushed in the background with this, and don't get to go for the pickups. But today, with Pops out of town, when the guy picked up to list to checkout ask if I would like to ride with him to help locate some of them. Said I didn't need to stay home and worry about Pops up with Ms Amy. That was fun, since this 2 loads firewood FREE. First place loaded this for us. Next place a tree service, and the piece of wood way bigger to be handled by the guys, so promised to hold for us and Kevin and Mark Jr scheduled to take Pops little tractor out to help load them *tomorrow evening. That's the one Pops excited about, promised more soon.

    Was able to get some requests for help and also several extras for Saturday n Flea Market. Even a special made cabinet for a senior uses a walker and just can't manage the kitchen cabinet. Found an odd shaped cabinet with lazy suzy stuff inside to set your food items on. Wow call roll her walker or wheelchair to this one and get her stuff easy. Do need a little touch up paint, but a nice find. Lives by herself so her dining area now only has a table with 2 seats so plenty room for this in there!!! Know she be excited. One of the guys took home to start on tonight. Even got offer of FREE FRUIT from real trees if picked. So some going out to pick on Friday and have for pass out on Saturday Free Flea Market. Ask how much wanted *so suppose to get 2 or 3 bushels. Free Student size desk for the lady raising son on her own. So many of the desk overbig for the small apartments, but this one is prefect *FREE CURBSIDE pickup. This young guy very talented and the desk should be a good place for his drawing and also homework time. I've ask Kevin to come talk with him. He reminds me so much of Kevin and if Kevin can manage to do college with all he has been thru, perhaps give this little guy some pointers. A special education could mean the world to him and his Mom and he's a junior in high school this year. About a year ago one of the young guys at the complex that Kevin works at, always seem to be in the community room at night when Kevin doing the machine stockings, cleaning so forth. Would get Kevin to help with maybe a problem when doing homework. When the addition to the complex office manager needed a part time guy to help Kevin, so hired Fred. Gosh his first job. They got close, Kevin helped him apply for scholorships for college and he got some. So now going to college parttime also, and him and Kevin the best of buddies. He has even helped when the college guys has wood spliting days to get loads to sell for much needed supplies. The first major day our wonderful group of college guys tackled all those tree branches out to the road so kids could start using the playground area safely, Fred right there with them.

    Hoping so much that Pops back this Saturday. The picnic are now complete *tables redone, 2 nice grills and adult swings reworked. Looks so nice. One lady even brought some of her extra from her flowers and have those planted in huge tires for flower beds in the picnic area. Her lilies does just like mine. Each year when they pop back up the clumbs bigger than the year before, so when thinning them out brought out to plant her and just added some 4 oclocks and few others I don't even know the name of.One of the senior guys built some bird houses for the little bike trail at the back, and Mr Wright got that repaved just this week,so coming together for SAFE PLAY. Still waiting on net for the 1 tennis court and the 2 basketball goals. But has been ordered from the office, just taking a long time.Kids get anxious and the Pirate Ship *climbing wooden toy turned out GREAT. Already got kids playing on it. Those baby swings I found almost new, so nice to see a Mom out with little morning swing for baby. They need the outside fresh area also.
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    Sounds like it's all moving along nicely.