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Apartments I've Been Helping With Lots of Changes Going On

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  • Apartments I've Been Helping With Lots of Changes Going On

    Took awhile to get DS involved with these low income, had let get to a horrrible conditions. But with Mr Wright help they are starting to get some much needed help with safety issues. Fired old manager, and now a new temp one on site. Had no maintence, sol a temp one has been hired *moved from other apartments. he has helpers also provided for improvements as they can get to. Still looking for a permanent manager and maintence. Community room the workers have provided a few rooms for special projects us seniors are helping with. They cleaned these rooms out, and bascally ask for our help One being fixed up for smaller kids play room, one for a sewing room to share, and the best part management fixed the mini washer room for them to share at the back side of of community room for all to access to wash/dry clothes no charge. Too many units they can't fix ones in the apartments at this time. Door to door checks for major roof leaks, being repaired as needed. Also checking out heat/air and being helped 1 on as can. Several have parts on order for repair.

    Mr Wright with the help of DSS, has now got a solution for those needing transport for doctor visits can be picked up with a van if let know if office a day in advance, low cost rate. Also this Weekend the same will provide first a mini shopping trip to Walmart for a mini shoppig trip. Take, drop off, let shop 2 hours and then pick back up. Hope to maybe expand to other places soon!!

    Said more help as they can provide. Manament focus right now is things to help the whole group for safety and health codes.

    So many needed and basic should be provided for all. Key first to be sure has hot water.After door to door checks, to most could be fixed, so do as needed. If needed management provide a hand rail for the handicapped in the bathroom.

    They are also repairing/replacing 1 at the time as needed of the handicapped ramps. No specail order, just as needed.

    Dumpsters now have 1 that is handicapped accessablento get your trash out.

    Added Lights on the outside near the dumpsters/bus stop and playground. Moved the bus stop to new area. That small spot paved a small shelter for rainy days also. In center of complex away from outside traffic.

    Major tree trims of dead/rotten trees and they hauled off. Along with junked car and motorcycle removed from the complex.

    Improvement with mail, no longer door to door. Mailman delivers to each a small locked box in pods near buildiings. Pkgs note put in box for pickup at office. If handicapped can have taken to you daily, office responsible for this.

    Kitchens too many stoves not useable, so each building in past had a small maintence supply room. These now will have at least 2 microwaves and an ice machine avaliable 24 hrs a day to share. So one of the things our guys helping when can, as get funds or donations try to provide micros for ones with cooking problems.

    The seniors thru our funds or donations of supplies have 15 long clothes lines in center court for sharing, since so many washers dryers don't work. Management can't replace all those, so a temp solution for this. Cleared a room at the back of the small community room for Mini Wash Room Got plumbers in and now have 6 washers and 2 dryers, can sign up in office to use for up to 2 loads laundry at the time, sign up again later as needed. Open only during office hrs 8:00 am-8:00 pm. No charge to use. Limited amount of washing det, bleach, and dryer sheets can be purchased in office for at cost. These items come from Dollar Tree, so you pay the same price $1 each item. Many has no way to shop daily.

    Seniors also helping provide different solutions for the tenants: Acess to travel to flea market once a week starts this weekend, church group bible study once a week in comunity room * for those not able to get out for church. Arrangemnents with 1 local larger church for free pick up with bus to take to church on Sunday Morning *church has no charge for this, Free Family Movie and Popcorn night on Saturday in the community room *started last week. Also free movie and fun time for toddlers at least 1 morning a week started this week. Already had one FREE FLEA MARKET this able to repair, donations, for them to pick out for their families. No any activites need to be loow cost or free. Got a group from the beauty school coming in this Saturday for haircuts $2 or nail painting $1. College kids doing a once a week pizza or taco night $1 each *sign up in advance so enough there for all. Hoping to have a few other things in future.

    A FREE SHARING AND CARING BOX now in the center court *handicapped accessable, built low to ground. Some having problems getting to the one provided near them, and getting rough treatment. Seniors responsible for stocking as funds available.
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    Wow.. things are changing around there. I'll bet no one saw that coming, but are so happy for all the changes.