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Update on Ms Amy

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  • Update on Ms Amy

    Pops called me around lunch time. They had let him in this morning for a few minutes. And then again a few minutes before he just called. Said when he first went in she started crying, and said didn't think this old lady going to make it this time. Had got to feeling bad so lay down. Knew neighbor has key for her house. She don't know even when the EMS guys got there. When come to almost at hospital.
    Right now in intensive care and running lots of tests. Not ruled out a stroke or mini heart attack yet. Worried about her big cat and chilckens. Pops said I'll stay at your house for now, and they will be taken care of. Neighbor and I put the eggs out for sale for your customers. Told her preacher and wife been, but not let them in her room, but praying for her. She ask about me, and he told I stayed behind because Lisa getting rather big, and staying with us at nights when Mark Jr worked.
    He hasn't got to talk to doctor yet, but told Ms Amy going to stay until he made rounds, and then go take care things at her place.
    Only get to stay maybe 15 or 20 minutes each time.

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    Hope she is doing better today.