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Guess George *Mailman Not So Happy With Me

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  • Guess George *Mailman Not So Happy With Me

    Got home had 3 book wining. 2 he stuffed in my mailbox and one tossed on the porch. Sorry, but if have my way will be even more soon. With taking to ones at apartments will be even entering more and more book sweeps. I need to take 1 day and Lisa and I check yardsales for kids one. Not finding good quality ones of these at marketplace or Craigs List. Most written in or colored in, or torn pages. Mom would of never allowed us to treat books like that.

    But right now Pops so picky how much time I spend at the apartments helping. Said him and guys can't do the repairs without supplies, so need me to do that part searching. Guess I can understand, but sure wish I could do more. But Mae and I cook for the workers, she is going to clean those carpets found today and the comforter. So us ladies helping in the background.

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    Congrats on your wins.