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    Yesterday I got off the computer early and didn't get back on -- now I am so far behind in things (email and posting mostly).

    Hubby went to work today and said he didn't need me there. I did at least an hour of work yesterday for CCSS and I have a few more things I am just piling up for now. We have a big job going and as soon as those floppy disks get here, we'll have another one which will take us to the office/warehouse to do. Hope these bits of work keep coming

    Had a package delivered yesterday by what I thought was the USPS... but it wasn't ours, not even this street... and so I put it back in the box and put up the flag. The mailman threw the mail behind it ... so now I brought it in the house. I am guessing an Amazon delivery person thru it in the box.... because it says Amazon Prime on it. Now I guess I'll wait for them to come retrieve it ... because I think the GPS scan when they drop off packages. Actually when Jenna gets home I'll let her see the package and she'll know if it was supposed to be "last mile" delivery by the USPS.

    I am doing some reviews in exchange for free products... they pay me in advance by paypal to buy the product on Amazon and then once I get and use it, want a review posted on the product on They wanted to see my reviews, and then wanted me to have Amazon Prime. I had only about 5 reviews up there, and no amazon prime, but they accepted me anyway. I thought at first it was a scam of sorts, but I think this is their way of paying for you to do the reviews so they can build them up on amazon. Another old RHSS-er is doing them for another company who makes her buy them first and then do a review...and she asked me if I wanted to do that, but I prefer my $$ up front. She says she has now done it for several years and they have always paid her, but I am not going to do that. If anyone wants info on this, PM me. I am only on my second review.

    The home for Ann (my sister) has been found to need a new roof. And so today the offer for it is being reduced by the cost of the roof, or we are asking them to put one on. So this may or may not finish as we'd liked -- we just have to wait and see. Her current "roommate" John was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. But it's the kind they think they can treat. He will have 3 treatments 3 weeks apart and then they will re-evaluate.

    I cleaned out several drawers in the back ...of the filing cabinet yesterday...that's what I was doing. It has folders in each drawer, but then in the back of them there is space filled with anything and everything!! Hubby cleaned his desk while I did that yesterday. I am also trying to gather all the photos stuck here and there into one place and that of course takes you down memory lane -- where you stop and think about the days when so and so (and sometimes yourself) looked like that, and what year that might have been, etc.

    I am going off the computer again for a while. I want to do a few more small clean out jobs as tonight is when we put out the trash.
    Posted a bunch this AM and if I get thru quickly will do some more later.

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    Hope it works out well for Ann and the seller does the roof. Know our last one a huge increase in price for the one years before that. Sorry about John. My little friend in upsate had the stage 4 cancer, lived a couple years, but the last super bad for him. Then Larry my childhood friend in that stage. Thought he doing ok after his 1st round of treatments, but come back and started more.This bathch of treatmehts caused internal bleeding, so had to stop. Now Hospice has come in and time limited. He is the one i mentioned a few weeks back getting things set up for when he is no longer around (truck to daughter,etc). Hard to even talk with him.


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      Vera, they kind of thought it was cancer -- because he smokes -- but got a little bit lucky with a "potential" treatment. Still time for him is limited, I don't think it's a 100% fix -- although they said that if the results were good, they'd do another round and then see about "zapping" what remained. My mother (69)and one sister (61) died of lung cancer. It really wasn't treatable for them. My mom tried the surgery to remove the tumors as they said they were benign, but once they got in there, they said ...we took everything we could but left what we had to .. to keep her alive. I was glad for that extra time with her.

      They sent the letter to the seller with a reduced bid, because the realtor has said the seller has no money for any repairs, etc. If they reduce the price by the cost of the roof, then the money that would have went for the home will go for the roof. I think they (owner) and realtor knew the roof needed to be replaced and they have been playing around. Two roofers went there yesterday -- and said it needed replacing. That's enough for me. If they don't reduce price or do it, then we look for a new place for her.


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        A few years ago I got on a list from Spectrum Brands which owns Black & Decker and Remington Hair products. A few times a year I get an email to select a product which I then have to review. I've received irons, curling irons, toaster oven, toaster, blender - after the review I get to keep them, share with friends, and I have sold a few. I don't even remember how I got on this list or I would share with you.

        I hope things work out with the roof on the new place - I know Ann is excited for the change.

        I had the second day of my yard sale Saturday & it was very slow, but did sell some things, and donated lots. We have a few more things listed like record albums & patio table.
        I spent a few hours cleaning the grout in the bathroom - sooooo exciting! But it looks nice.


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          The bad news. Ann will not be moving ...yet. The roof issue could not be resolved and the three of us who have been discussing this almost daily felt that was a deal breaker. Then I found a nicer place for less that had just been sold less than 3 months ago... and knew that we were paying top dollar and had a bad roof. The two roofing companies that we asked for estimates said the roof needed replacement or one said... $2700 to hold it over for 5 years or so. The sellers realtor whom we did not like (because we have caught her in outright lies) -- continued to try and push us to buy it anyway, but we decided not to because we felt, if she lied about stuff already that we knew about, she might have lied about even more we don't. We'll find her another place, and thankfully it's not critical for her to move quickly.

          I used to do secret shops for $5 - $15 or a free lunch -- but they got far and few between and then they started to want you to buy $20 worth, but only reimburse you for $10 for doing your report. I am not doing that, I am busy enough and if it costs me to do it for you, I am not up for that! Just didn't turn out good for me.

          Our job for CCSS is done till the floppy disks arrive, and I sure hope they do -- they are coming from England -- supposedly sent royal mail... tracked, but I haven't seen them yet. They said they could take till 5/27 - so there is time left. I really just didn't think it would take this long.

          Hubby has poison sumac ... since beginning of the week. Got it working on the tree stumps they were removing at the farmhouse.
          My son is working sanding pools for a friend, so he's not at the farmhouse working every day. There is electricity and water, and I think they will be working on the septic field next.

          I am sure you are getting excited about moving Terry.... and everything will be so new. Sorry your sale wasn't up to expectations --


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            Sorry to hear that the deal fell through - hopefully something that you all feel better about will turn up when she needs it.

            We have sold a few things the last few days through Facebook Marketplace - that's even better than the yard sale.


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              Never really tried selling things on the Facebook marketplace -- but might someday
              I guess I don't relish the face to face ... if I have to do it alone. It's likely my age and watching too much crime TV

              News of the day. Tired. Same as always.
              Also hubby got note his RZR was at the dealership and who to contact. So he tried, but she "wasn't available" and then never called back. My son knows them there, but he's been super duper busy and we were only trying to make "appointment" to pick it up Monday/Tuesday of next week -- it's not far but hubby wanted my son to go with him to pick it up and that is the first time he can be free to do it. He has plans for tomorrow to car thing in PA and something else for Sunday. I am also pushing them to get cost of what they would buy it from us for, as to me that's the real amount it's worth. We still do not know the kind or type we are getting...but I want to also make sure we don't get a stripped down 12K one, when the ARV is 19,999 (for that and the trip). We know the trip cost about $2000... so the machine should be valued at least at 17K. Which I do believe is a mid range price for them new.

              Hubby says we are likely selling it and buying a new to us (used) car. Our car is almost 17 years old, we bought it used 10 years ago and well, we have almost 200K miles on it. It's starting to wear out. The paint look terrible (likely from sitting outside with all the tree sap and such) but still -- we had a good run of 10 years and it's still running -- just he feels like the 10K or so he might get from the RZR would be a good portion of what we might spend again for another 7 year or so old car. It sit out because our 3 car garage is full.

              Grandson is here and did well with his teeth extraction. I am thankful for that and the fact that kids bounce back easier than us older folks (smile).


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                One benefit of FB Marketplace is you can look over the person's FB profile & timeline - obviously if that raises a red flag you just don't deal with them.
                I don't give out my address until they say they are ready to come pick up, and several pay through Paypal ahead to show they are serious buyers.
                I have only dealt with a couple male buyers and have them meet me in our village police department parking lot.

                Great news on the RZR - hope the value works out - document in case you need to amend for tax purposes - but you probably already know that.

                Glad to hear grandson is feeling well after procedure.

                We are doing cleaning, touch up painting, etc around the old house today. 3 weeks to open house
                Tomorrow we will finally have summer weather - temps in the 80s! I haven't gotten the summer clothes out of storage yet so I better get on that too.


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                  Sick today. Came on suddenly, slept most of the day with hubby taking care of grandson -- got up 3:30PM -- was up some earlier with grandson -- and then just felt so sick. Was worried it was flu or something, but only slightly yycchy feeling now. Don't want to eat -- but will try some toast.

                  Yes, I am going to get appraisal of the machine while there, if they will give us one. Not sure since dealership General Manager whom called, didn't answer or return our voicemail yet. Guess it'll be next week.

                  Had to email ebay seller as my floppy disks are not here yet! He gave me positive feedback, earlier and said he hoped we do business again. So I don't think he's a scammer... I think more likely they are lost, or got damaged in shipment -- but need to wait to find out.

                  Hoping I can get some emails cleaned out ...and maybe find some new sweeps. Only time will tell with the way I feel.


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                    Hoping you feel better soon - that totally messed up your plans for the day.


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                      Oh no, maybe a blessing for the house not to work out. Could be something even better out there. Most time if a seller unsure of new*two of the guys together. The other day when Lisa and I pick up a few things, very local and knew area well. The worst part better catch the best ones, time they post, snapped. So much in our area down for college or small job, cost too much to move things, so just do away with.
                      But tell you some of those pics, should never got there, PURE TRASH?? I just avoid those.
                      On craigs list run into the most problems, some of the wood supplies not even worth trip to pick up. Really best blessed with the free firewood. Pops was super proud of those, but said that one load too much to handle. Would of been, but they held and the 2 guys took pops flat bed trailer with the little tractor to load. They got part that done over the weekend, but so hot give up until temps drop a little.

                      Jo take care of yourself, could be this "heat wave" now seem to be going thru. I know messes me up. I couldn't of stayed over and worked yesterday. Did have one of the maintence guys go check on that little guy had all that roof damage . Right now he only has 2 ceiling fans and the small portable fan the guys left for him. Got no answer, so hope he decided to go somewhere cooler, if only to sit in a mall for awhile.


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                        Boy... I can remember doing that -- going to mall or grocery if it was hot -- when there was no air conditioning. My parents house did not have it, but in order to get me to stay for visits after I got married and moved out, my dad got a window one and "rigged" it up to work for me. I was the only one in the house with air conditioning.

                        And the house we built didn't have it either. I am not sure why...

                        I didn't get a chance to go out Saturday and we have the air on in the house before I got sick. Usually we do go out for a walk when my grandson is here, and both he and Josh enjoy that -- but I got sick pretty quickly after waking up -- so did nothing much (got him breakfast and his medicine and stuff) before going back to sleep. Guess I needed it as I slept all that, and then again last night when I went to be about an hour earlier than normal and got up late too. Felt sick this AM -- and didn't want to eat anything, but took my blood pressure meds and then needed to eat. I feel OK now.