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    Pops just come in him a 2 others have got the other wooden toy cemented. Wanted to work in that area when kids in school.The blue rubber things on the climbing part dry rotten. So those removed. Two of the steps needed replaced so those done. Not sure this is one worth the effort, but see when all sanded down.

    But got a call from Mr Wright they are going 1 at the time to check out apartments. The last one he checks need some shelves in kitchen. No more hanging one like Ashey got but had one of those tall narrow black wire ones, so one guy got that nailed to wall for the older guy. He raising 2 Grandboys by himself. They also took him a small bookcase for the living room. He is another with a stove iffy, so need to keep watch for another microwave. Took him a nice electric frying pan, had cleaned up, And a toaster, to help a little. Needs a better sofa, springs broken and not comfortable to sit on. Got 3 maked for them to possible check out. Some times when call the good ones gone almost as fast as hits the list. His is a 1 bedroom apartment and 2 teen boys, so need a sofa that has sleeper in it.

    This what they working on today, was a freebie.Also the swing seats replaced with wooden one they built. Not real sure, but think they might replace that on side for climbing with a new slide. Never got a slide requested for the Ship. Got it cemented down and sanded wanted finish for the weekend They did finish the last picnic table (3 and 2 of the heavy grills) for that area. The adult swings, they decided to build a stand for from treated wood and sit over in the shade, but can see kids playing.

    Started sanding if weather holds should finish that part tomorrow. Oh need those tennis and basketball nets!!

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