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Ashleys Place Group Moved Stuff In This Morning

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  • Ashleys Place Group Moved Stuff In This Morning

    Ashley's Place:

    The best part she has a mini job on top of her cleaning daycare. 2 hours a day at the office complex, started yesterday. So that $75 more on the week for her and baby. Basically filling in odds and ends while lady gets her daily stuff together for reports (run notices off, answer phone, deliever mail to handicapped, keep up with the wash room sign ups, and different odds and ends. But get some office type experience, so could be helpful for her. Mr Wright wanted someone that had lived at the complex, so would know who suppose to be there. Right now they are working as hard as can to bring up to code. Just can't do all at once.

    The last junk hauled away, and now even the little skating/walking trails been repaved. New section for the kids to wait for bus. Still waiting on lots but making a head start.

    Microwaved already took over for her to use only 2 burner on her stove works, and not on list for another one. Management did replace hot water heater, and had air checked out that ok. Her washer/dryer both on toss out list not repairable so use the new mini washer. Tood the little last sewing machine we had gotten *one in the cabinet that Kewvin checked out and some supplies the ladies donated for sewing.

    Fullisize Bed Frame $50. Couple from the senior center, says has a full size matress/box springs stored in a storage unit. Was once used for spare room, and has downsized, so can't use Said Ashley more than welcome, but had no frame for, so we found the below. That was a blessing, she been sleeping on broken down mattress right on floor (her an baby. About 15 miles from our house, but worth the trip. Mae and I went and picked up 2 sheets sets from the salvage guy *motels donates when they remodel $3 each. Also the same with comforters $5 for the full size. Got them all washed up before taking over.
    Full headboard and frame *paid $50 for the headboard and frame.

    Stoneware - Plates & Coffee CupsStone Ware Plates and Cups. $5 for the lot, and found someone to buy those. Donated, Pyrex Bowls and Canister Set From a Couple.

    3 Pyrex Bowls to Use in Microwave *only 2 burners on stove works, same couple bought the dishes paid for them.
    Pyrex Mixing Bowls for Microwave (3 piece for $3).

    Donated a crock pot she had received as a Christmas Present never used.

    Pots donated by Lisa: Marketplace find cheap!!!

    Desk Freebie will be used in livingroom. Guys repainted table/chairs and
    desk the same color, so looks nice together. They sanded down the table top and the same as the chairs now.Can use the little lamp on desk when it not opened. Ladies left her a welcome home fruit basket they put together on the table.

    This is a freebie. Guys redid it the same color they did the table.
    Solid wood and turned out nice, a place to sit her lamp now, when
    the desk part not open.
    Left room that the portable crib could be in this room when needed
    and bedroom at night. Has a rocking chair and love seat in the living
    room already.

    Use these where she needs for extra storage.

    Will be working on the playground area, try to only find things needs 1 on 1, and have a long list for this. Lots of storage. The 1 bedroom units only 1 small closet, ok for Ashely with her and baby, But not for Stella when she has 3 children.

    Got the 2 swings for for babies put up today, and that area nice now. But guys found another wooden climbing toy and need to find some time work on it.

    Got a church group coming out on Sunday morning with the church bus to pick up those like to attend. Some not able to go so another group promised a once a week bible study using the communitry room. So at least all have a chance. Once a week, bus also will pick up those that would like flea market and drop back off *4 hour outing no charge. The movie night. Scheduled for a nurse to come out nearer school opening time for shot updates for the kids. Next weekend have the Police come out and visit with some of the search dogs, fingerprint cards,and other helpful info for the kids. One day a week in the morning will be senior movie with cookies and kool aid/coffee. Family Movie night each o Saturday. College kids on Friday have either a taco or pizza deal, slice homemade pizza, chips and kool aid $1 each. Need to register so know how many to plan for. Working on a few other things, but will get there.

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    This gives me chills to think about. I mean one day you feel as if you are totally alone, no food, no washer, no dryer, your hot water heater doesn't work, your stove isn't either. Your child needs clothing and you sleep on just a mattress on the floor for you and your baby... and then you pray -- Lord send someone to fix all this ... and then one day bringing Stella some extra groceries as a surprise .... you get used by God to make a difference in the lives of so many. Oh it's hard work, for all involved - emotionally and physically. But thru you and your crew and the Seniors and the church and the volunteers and even Mr. Wright... you are making a difference. I am sure it's the answer to someone's prayer.


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      Jo I'll try to do the Saturday stuff, but leave the pizza/tack day for the college kids. Jo many use walkers or wheel chairs so bus trip to church not work for rhem. And each person has their own type of faith. So a Baptist church with the bus, since have them availble for private school use. The other a Methodist smaller, but been a big help. They even had a church member donate scraps from installing at his house to put new tile in the little guys house. Pops said he so excited last night when got all his stuff over, but so nice to work with. Didn't want to cause trouble but that odor. So much better. The seniors been sewing all kinds of projects, and having mini sales, so just taking one step the other way. You should see the big box of scraps got in the storage room, they all donated something.

      Really think Lisa might have an idea, but a little soon. She quit school to get married Head over heals in love!! Then couldn't get a decent job. Why can't some of the college guys/girls have one or two time a week to help some like to get their GED like Lisa. Maybe will talk with DSS about this.

      We have a group from the beauty college local coming out for summer haircuts Saturday Morning $2 haircuts or $1 nail polish. Some might not have a way to go for a summer cut and should be nice for the kids. Kevin's Produce Guys even working with us at fleamarket, but he has worked with big orders from them for community cookout for several years now. I know we need to keep the cost way low for many to get to do, so amazed when Pops talked with flea market manager and they offered to help. Yeah a chance for fresh produce, and many on the Wick Program gets free small vochers in the summer for this *no way to go and use. I know years ago Reids Mom single Mom and got those for him. One of the ladies working on getting tshirts and then have a craft free day for kids to decorale.