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    Mr Wriight helping again. He ask Ashey if she was avaliable from 6-8 each day to help new manager in office, until things got sorted out. she gets in at 5:00 and he told her to bring the baby with her. Said basically answering phone, and will be the busy time of day people will coming in to sign up for the wash room, since getting off work, so she be responsible for that. Some might have pkg notices in mailboxs when come from work, so those also picked up late like that.Right now office worker has no helper. And the manager busy time of day getting reports together. Said company provide a playpen for the baby to be with her. He told Ashey maybe 3+ months and go from there, but could build into something bigger. So not lots of money but $15 x 5 days is jump of $75 on the week for her.starts tomorrow. Said he needs someone that has lived on site and know the ones suppose to be there.

    So happy for her. I told her we would see her after work, Pops got her a bed and another couple donated the mattress and box spring so would bring out then and set up. Pops said that one going in the dumpster little lady, a Mom deserves better than that. Lisa was concerned about you, and she is Pops "Baby Girl". Basically if she wants something bad enough know he will come thru for her, especially with her pg right now.. She ask me to please let Lisa know how much she appreciated that and hope they could become friends.

    So a happy ending for a rather long day!!
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    That is good news - and I am sure she is happy to work, especially nice to accommodate the baby.
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      I love that she can earn some extra money. That's super -- and that she wants to do it.