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  • Ashley and Baby Girl

    Lisa and I worried all night after I told her about the young lady with baby. We looked on computer picked out a few needed things. Lisa drove Pops truck to pick up this morning. Most things free, but ended paying $25 and Lisa, I and Mae split that cost.

    Figured if the girl needing help, with the baby probably not eating like she should either. Lately with all going on not lots extra here. I had put spaghetti sauce on, so poured up a small jar of this and put a pk of noodles in bag. Lisa cut up a small dish of catalope. Mae brought a few things to finish filling a bag.

    She contacted a girl she works with and donated: 6 bottles *her child outgrew these, 1 bundle diaper that no longer fit her baby and a couple little onies.
    Another of her friends donated a 1/2 bundle diapers baby outgrew also gave Lisa pkg of diaper wipes and dozen jars baby food her baby no longer in that size. But Lisa's friends like her have a boy and this lady needs things for a girl. Most of Lisa's baby things had already donated to another girl, but had a few pairs socks, pair of blue jeans and couple shirts. She also took her a couple of Baby Marks smaller blankets *he needs the bigger size now.
    We got this free from maketplace and one of the senior lady donated the cushions she has that her rocker broke. Washed them so nice and fresh.
    One of my friends had a baby gate, had used when her grans small, just in closet now. So donated that.

    We also got free since the battery part missing. From marketplace.

    Baby stroller for $5 from marketplace.

    High chair $15.

    High chair $15.

    walker/ride on toy. $5.

    2 in 1 Walker and ride on toy

    Saw this note at craigs list and man said under carport and listed

    several items free. This is all we found to use. At least the little'

    cabinet painted pink, since the baby is a girl. These free. The little green chairs won't need for awhile, but those also for her.

    Flower Lamp said $5, but someone had messed the cord Flower lamp up. Give to us FREE and pops put another cord on it. Think maybe someone stepped on cord during a yard sale.

    We went into a bad situation, only a love seat in llving. Thought the lamp so pretty and not a table to set it on. Sit on
    the counter between her kitchen/living area and plugged in. 2 stools at counter, but no table/chairs.Bedroom door
    cracked open and very easy to see mattress directly on floor for sleeping??
    Everything really needed, but Jo how do the DSS not check home visits to this young ladies. So now even more

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    I am sure there will be things to turn up for her.
    I worry more about her and the baby eating right now.


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      Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post
      I am sure there will be things to turn up for her.
      I worry more about her and the baby eating right now.
      I do also Jo, she was awful proud of the small bag of groceries, and get very little money to live on. Even if she eats lunch with the kids she takes care of could be her main meal of the day. I do know with her income, should be getting Wick for the baby. I want to talk with Mr Wright about this. I'm also concerned that the baby could be sleeping with her on that mattress on the floor. I didn't see a crib/playpen. I know when I did babysitting each baby suppose to have their own place for sleep time. Don't think that has changed. So will try to see if we can locate a crib/playpen.

      When she talked with me at movie night concerned about things for the baby, no mention of the horrible condition of her apartment?? But do know the ladies and I will be taking a few more groceries tomorrow. That is what the food cabinet at the center is suppose to do, help those in need. I would take from my own suppilies before I know that baby and Ashley are hungry.
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        It's hard to hear about another family struggling so much, but good to hear you have provided them a little relief.