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Happy Mothers Day

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  • Happy Mothers Day

    Would imagine lots of you will have special plans for Mothers Day. Hope will be a very special day.

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    Happy Mothers Day!

    We'll be visiting MIL, then heading to new house to finish installing dryer. Then out for a bite to eat, probably someplace casual like Applebees.
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      No plans... and happy to relax. Raining -- sometimes pouring down hard since last night.
      Today is sad for Jenna as her mom passed away on Mothers Day as she was running to the hospital after she got the call. Her mom didn't make it, and this was 2 years ago on Mothers Day but she is having a hard time dealing with it.

      The first thing I thought about after my own mother no longer being here -- was that is was on Mothers Day about 22 years ago when I got a call that my son was being airlifted to the hospital after the found him in a puddle of blood and gasoline on the road. It was a multiple car accident caused by a blind hill and another driver that didn't "stop" to see if there was anyone coming up the hill, just took the left turn right at full speed into the door of the car my son was driving. This was a car my husband just gave to him less than 48 hours before this accident. It was totaled and others too were hurt. The car behind my son -- and the car behind the lady who hit my son. My son had "road rash" where he flew along the road I guess once being thrown from the car, a broken ankle and enlarged spleen. But for the hour or so as we rushed to the hospital... I kept saying to God... you gave him to me so many years ago and you just cannot take him back on Mothers Day. I am asking you for this today to keep him alive. I kind of knew that meant that it could be the day after, or the day after that God could take him, but I was confident I was going to get to see him again that day. The lady who hit him got a ticket at the scene, but it was dismissed in court. The judge never asked her if the person she hit (my son) was injured or hurt and she didn't even get in trouble for not stopping to check to see if anyone was coming up that blind hill. When the judge talked to the others he didn't ask either -- and usually in an accident causing injuries that looked so severe they called a helicopter... you would think they would have. I am guessing it was political influence - which is thick in this area by Washington DC. The next week they put out a warning sign about the blind hill --- but it wasn't there prior to the accident.

      So... I am happy to relax on Mothers Day... and not having "anything" happen

      Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


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        Tell Jenna, don't get easier, I went and put flowers on Mom's grave and Jo just sat on a bench near her grave early this morning. Kinda reflecting how much she really meant to me. Those last two years impossible to please her, but she was sick and refused to go to a nursing home. I would of rather her signed their place over to the nursing home, and know she had full care, than the way she opped to do. Over the years went thru lots, not rich and had rough times, but a family. Now a holiday I would like to skip over.

        Raining here now, but at least Pops and guy got his stuff over before the rain began. Said under a severe weather watch!! Not sure when he be back. We just had spagheti for dinner. Mark Jr, stopped long enough between his flower runs to eat. Didn't make as much with Lisa not able to help. But she is getting a little belly now and wears out fast. Working those shorter house, still tired.
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