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    Lisa only worked 4 hours today, and come on over to our place. Her tummy is upset. Maybe something she ate yesterday. Called the doctor he he called her a mild med in, and Pops picked up for her. Took it with a glass of cold water and has laid down. I went ahead and give the baby a snack, and he is napping in his room. So guess will be a long night for all.

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    OMG I hope it's just something she ate and not anything else.


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      Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post
      OMG I hope it's just something she ate and not anything else.
      Gosh us also Jo. I didn't question what they did over the weekend. Feel like Pops and I do all we can, and the kids both know what the doctor told them. Pops did bring her a big bottle Ginger ale back also. Sometime will settle your stomach. Really not sure what to fix for supper, so just put a pot of veggie soup on. Maybe with crackers or toast.


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        I hope Lisa feels better soon.


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          She is back at work today but the baby stayed with us. Yesterday 3 kids also went home from daycare with the tummy problem like lisa. She afraid something she picked up there. Doctor sent her a note with suggestion of low salt items. So now she not happy with lunch we packed turkey sandwich/minus cheese, dish tomatoes *no salt, chicken broth low salt and unsalted crackers. Bowl of fresh fruits for desserts. Said no soda, water for awhile, so sent two of those.

          She did keep her dinner down last night veggie soup and unsalted crackers. Breakfast unsalted grits, bagel, and tea. Doctor reminded her about lifting. Pops took her to work and will pick her up at noon. Stay with us until at least Mark Jr gets in. Last night when he come he, just slept over here, baby and Lisa both sleeping then.

          Guess I need to fix dinner and them eat before going home, If not she will go home and eat whatever, and may have problems again.


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            Well, I hope she gets through and can relax some more. There are always things when you are around children.
            I am surprised she even wants to eat! Good thing she does!


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              Pops just back with Lisa. Said going to grab her a quick shower and then lay down for nap. Last night was rough around here for all. I took out boneless chicken breast, and pops with make a big stir fry on grill, when time for Mark jr to get in from work. So lisa will have a good while to rest.
              Cut up chunks onions and bellpepper, so that will used to season instead of salt. then baby carrots and chunks of potatoes cooked all together.
              Doctor wants her to cut back with sweets also *Said lots of hidden salt in those. So mixed up a bowl sugar free strawberry jello, and have with a little of the low fat topping for dessert.

              Guess if helps Lisa, won't hurt the rest of us to eat healthy. Give the baby his lunch and him and George napping now, so quiet around here. Think I might even put my feet up for awhile. Pretty tried from yesterday.