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    I had gotten up early when heard the wind so bad. But when Pops got up a few minnutes ago around 4:00, had the news on. No wonder our wind was so strong, seems we were under tornado watch Until 2:00 this morning. He took the big torch light out in the front an sure enough the older couple on my right side has a tree limb fell and brushing against the fence by their driveway. So looks like him and Pops will have a small job this morning. When neighbor planted those trees to shade drive years ago, guess didn't expect to get so big, but now said wish never planted them. The last few years lost some major branches.

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    It's not near that strong here -- the wind I mean...but it's blowing so you can hear it out there. Trees swaying from it. Now that they are starting to green up .... the damage from wind will be more than it was before they started getting their new growth.

    Glad that was "all"... a branch down easy to handle -- relative to hitting house or car!


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      Only took the guy and Pop's a couple hours and cut up and put to road for pickup. Don't know if others had limbs down in area. Thank goodness our winds died down and looks to be a nice week until Friday. Then possible more rain. Really wish the weathermen, be wrong about that. Kevin't company will be down then, and they don't get down often.

      Think rest of day be just a rest day for me and Pops. Mark jr goes straight from work to Walmart, big truck to unload. So Lisa and baby be here when she gets off work.


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        Sun is out finally... still some cold wind -- hubby says it's great in the Sun....not so much in shade when the wind blows.
        I am staying in... all I keep seeing is blowing pollen!!