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  • Bad Weather on Way

    Sure don't need this, but glad it waited until Kevin and Fred finished. Said 100 % chance rain today and gusty winds. Maybe even hail. Guess a night little rest around here. Kevin got a frig full of food for his family. The girls ask for home made french bread pizzas for the day they get here. So noticed he has the cheese and topping for this. Will pick up the french breads the morning he comes home from work. Got a smoked ham for his Mom to cook for Easter Dinner, and they always like for him to take them to flea market for veggies. His Mom said would bring some of the pecans from their trees for some pies. Know he will enjoy them, but Rose *the youngest ones just never wants to leave. But Kevin can't watch her full time. Lisa and Mark Jr loaned him their bikes, so the girls can ride them while down. And they love the tennis and pool area. One summer they with him, he let them take swimming lessons, so enjoy the pool. That's a treat for them.

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    We had some really scary storm the Friday night. It was loud, and sounded as if the trees in the yard were falling and shaking the ground one by one. There was lightening, thunder and the rains was coming down so hard you couldn't see 6 inches out the window. But the noise and the shaking was the worst. I hope you don't have ANY of that!!


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      This one seems to be SC. Sure hope not as bad as they saying. Right now, worn out, and need to rest, not listen to bad weather all night.


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        Well, it all of a sudden started raining here pretty heavy... for like 5 minutes and then quit. Now it's a sprinkle.
        Hope you don't get anything really loud or strong.


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          Keep hearing the gusty wind, and something hitting side of fence. Maybe neighbor not secure something in his back yard. But only a few sprikles so far. Cable stayed on this time.


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            We had strong thunderstorm warning, possible hail, tornado watch for overnight.

            When I got in bed, I heard the winds & rain starting, then...nothing - if anything else happened I slept through it!
            No reports of damage on news so I don't think it got bad.

            About 90 miles west of us they had large hail. You know how they describe hail as 'golf ball sized'? I got a chuckle out of this news reporter describing it as 'K cup sized"! Maybe more people can relate to that description nowadays.


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              We are still have strong wind gusts. When you can hear it ... it's gotta be strong.