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Kevin Family Coming For Easter

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  • Kevin Family Coming For Easter

    Well Rose, his youngest neice is excited. She takes kinda like a Dad, since her Dad not been around much. Grandmother raising the girls. I don't see Kevin as much as in the past. For awhile was helping part time in the orfice over there, but thank goodness she has finally got a helper seems to be working out.

    Today him and helper will get the pool up for the holiday, so a long day for him at apartments. Pops and I going over this morning to try to get his apartment ready for the 2 girls and his Mom. He is well stocked with groceries for them. No Walmart work for him today. His place small, but finally got the bunk beds in bedroom for the girls will use those and he give his bed to his Mom. Sofa lets out in living room he will use. They are welcome to stay some at house, but he don't get to see them often. They will come in early on Thursday morning, and looks like go back late on Sunday this time.

    Apartments grounds beautiful, since they have put out bedding plants near the front entrance. Bushes all been trimmed and so nice and neat. Right now up to only 1 empty apartment in the 4 buildings, so company very pleased. Pops told him would steam clean the carpet today, and I will do the curtains. With Kevin working so hard with college and the upgrates here at apartments, but not much time for his own work. But it will be nice when his family comes in. I'm very proud of him, he is working hard to get his education.

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    That's nice! My sister and niece will be here with us. I can't wait to see them both again.
    My niece purchased the place for Ann to live in near her (closing not for a while yet as the person has to move out). Ann will pay the land lease and other expenses and need to buy some new things. John the guy she lives with will not be coming with her. He'll be staying back --- it's a big big thing after she has lived there about 20 years or more. But she needs this "separation" and new life for herself. My niece and her girls (18 and 14) will look after her too when needed -- so she'll have family close but have her own place. It's really perfect as she really wanted her own place, and had negatives about living with any of the others of us that offered her a home.


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      Well, we back home. Kevin and his helper Fred, finished up the pool area. It had already been drained and scrubbed down (kitty pool an reg pool), So had to basically get filled, and chemicals in. Now scheduled for the inspection first part of week. Hoping to open for swimming by Wednesdaay. The apartments has a gym area with an indoor pool when they build the last section of apartments. But have to be a member to that part to use. And also time for kids limited to only a couple hours a day. So some families don't use.

      Last year had problems with so many getting food items in pool, so only plastic cups in that area this time. The little Gazabo at the front of the pool area had some conversion for this year. Since the gym area has a contract with Food Service for food items, said they could also inside a small area by the main poo. So when pool supplies ordered this year, they also order 4 of those cute little tables with two chairs, *kinda like for an ice cream shop. Food Service will provide 2 of those turning racks with sandwiches, small salads and few desserts to buy. Drink, jiuice and snack machines also moved into the Gazabo. So a place you could have a snack and not have to go back up to your units.

      Fred and Kevin already had repainted the picnic areas of the apartments, so they fresh again. Grounds look so nice. Ready for Easter time.

      Pops and I worked at Kevin's while he doing the outside work. Pops cleaned carpets, I cleaned frig and restocked with juices, water, etc. He'll need lots while the girls down. Kevin had picked up a beautiful comforter marked way down at Walmart, so we got that on his bed *his Mom will use. The girls has bunk beds in that room also, so fresh sheets and stuff on them, His apartment very small, but the company allows him to use one of the work rooms for his bike and some sporting things. He also has a freezer in there allowed to use. When Kevin moved in he is allowed the use of the 1 bedroom *big bedroom with walk in closet, in exchange for 16-20 hours a week general maintence. Extra stuff like this pool stuff gets paid for. But has worked out for him. College paid for, but not room and board, so found this on the internet. He had worked at Walmart in his hometown, so transferred him to the big Walmart here. So a little money coming in each week. Some weeks takes alot of planning, but making it.

      Took his curtain in living room, over glass door and bedroom down and washed. I had made him new one for the kitchen, so nice and fresh. Lisa also made him a flower arrangement for the table looks like spring. So his Mom and girls will come into a clean place.

      We just had sandwiches for lunch, so maybe he'll have the rest of the day of relax.

      Maybe now cam have a little computer time.


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        You guys put in a nice work Kevins -- I am sure it'll be great for his company.
        I am tired still. I think I should maybe do a nap.

        Looked out my window (from my desk) and saw hubby with my ATV running into the woods in front of the house... then I noticed -- he was block and tackling a tree to cut down. I can't believe he would even try that "alone" so went out and helped him ... it went down exactly as planned... yay!!

        Then he took the 4 wheeler and said he was going to the back of the property to see what the neighbor had "done" by the cul de sac. We heard the machines back there for a couple of days. Our property goes part way over the road to the cul de sac and then about double once you hit the cul de sac into the woods. (we have 5 acres). Anyway... I hear a loud BANG and I mean Loud. It scares me so I run to street to see if I can see down there, but he's off the 4 wheeler and then he's getting back on. Told me the plow (which was still on the ATV) hit the ground -- anyway he and machine were fine. NEIGHBOR however, cleaned the land to look like the property line was about 10-15 ft over more than it actually is..........and then moved the "path" so that it turns 90 degrees into our property and no where near his.....but the good news is that it looks nice back there. He had someone come in and clean off all the trees limbs and pieces the electric company took down and left there in the woods. We think he's going to be listing his house for sale and wanted people to think he had that "extra space" on the side so he did that and cleaned it up. Hubby says the neighbor knows he doesn't own it, and he knows it's not his, but he cleaned it up and so what's the harm. Think he wanted it to look nice there and then give the idea he had more "space" than he does. Hubby came home and looked at the land survey --- and confirmed the man cleaned up our property and put a path into the back of the woods on our property but hubby says it will all grow back and for now it looks nice. Nothing was built or placed on our property... so he feels no harm has been done.

        Yesterday I walked down there with my grandson -- and I thought it looked good too.
        By the way hubby and ATV were fine Tree is down in front. Hubby said he can't saw it up because he's exhausted already! That has to wait another day!

        Have to think about lunch for our trip to PA. Catherine is packing snacks... I said I'd pack lunch, which we will try and eat before we go into Sesame Place. Also want to try and pack my overnight bag early too - so that's it's done and just ready to pick up and go on Thursday morning when we leave (at 6AM). We are going to take 95 even tho I haven't gone that way in about 15 years -- and there are tolls --- and speeding traps (especially in MD)... but it's at least one hour shorter drive time by google and we need to save that time with the kids in the car.

        Also trying to organize my thoughts on meals and things for my sister and nieces visit... just can't get a clear thought about what exactly to do. I don't feel that great and nothing sounds "good" -- plus haven't really been cooking much since hubbys teeth. I have freezer full of stuff.... but try to make sure I have all ingredients -- for meals so we aren't short anything. And because we all cook -- there is always the "I don't put that in mine, why would you add that, etc. which always happens no matter what.


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          I'm sure Kevin's family will enjoy their visit - so nice of you spiff up his place.

          Jo, have a fun time in Hershey.

          We will visit Rich's mom then work on the house. I bought a ham which I will put in the slow cooker and we will eat when we get home from painting.

          When we were there yesterday we noticed damage to the sliding glass door, a chunk knocked out on the edge. That door was used by the kitchen/bath company to bring in counter tops. We took a picture & between contractor and kitchen company they will have to work out who is going to replace it.


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            This time Terry it's Philadephia area where Sesame Place is -- not Hershey.
            Never been to Sesame Place so it's an adventure for all of us.

            Hershey will be next month, and I am sure I will enjoy that again with the grands.