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  • Off Computer For Few Hours

    Pops cooked breakfast while Lisa and I sit at table cutting up berries. So then he took the baby with him to the flea market to check for the other berries for Lisa. They just got back, so looking at 10 baskets sitting on kitchen counter. Today the guys had the little bags of mini boxes raisins they use for snack time for baby 75 cents a bag. So they come back with 2 of those also. Guess just not unpacked those yesterday when we there.

    So Lisa and I can sit here and cut up berries for a long time. Mark Jr will come in like last weekend, before lunch time to pick them up, and spend day with family. So maybe at least Lisa and I can get the perserves cooked and in canning pot for sealing before he gets here. Just let my other work slid until we finish these.

    Try to post some then.

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    Pops and the baby played together while Lisa and I worked on the berries. That was a help. We had got all cut up and the perserves cooked and in jars. Pops put the last of those in the canner for us. lisa said going to lay down for awhile before Mark jr, come. She had gotten up real early. They will cook dinner together at their place tonight and try to get some laundry caught up. He come in around 11:30 and she sleeping. I was just waiting on the jars to come out pot. But the kids ended up with 12 pints of the perserves, and he sure proud of those. Love with bagels.

    He loved the baby's new toy. They went on home, and said would drop them off around 9:00 pm tonight on way to work. But he is really off on Sunday, since they are now having one of the big trucks of plants and supplies to unload on Monday.

    Well a day Pops and I having an easy dinner. Was so tired when got those last jars out canner, took me a break and put feet up. But now a little after 2:00 and going to try to work on computer some. Pops heated the left over barbecue and we had sandwiches. Just fixed a few tater tots to go with that.

    Jo just nap when you can. Your body needs the rest and your upcoming trip you will need lots of energy.

    off to search for some sweeps now. No good mail today, one of those days all stuff PRESORTED (junk).


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      I haven't been doing much. Grandson has been watching Minions and other stuff on my tablet. We played some elimination rounds with the hot wheels cars. We each get 4 -- we race two at a time and see who wins in the end. He likes to do that with me and I enjoy it too. We also play to see who can "hang their car" off the side of the table from the other end -- and usually I win, but he's getting better at it. This week we were tied with one each about about 40 rounds. He went out with Josh and played some basketball, they did bubbles on the porch. They flipped bottles (to see if they could land them right side up), etc.

      I sat here and tried to evaluate tax returns to see if we are going to let another lessee take over the gas station lease. After about 2 hours of that, I am exhausted. Hubby and I voted NO on the applicant. They have 2 other businesses (which is why it took so long) and in the end they make less than 1% profit - get earned income credit and other gov't benefits.

      CCSS made 20% on it's tiny income last year. Granted I didn't get paid much but neither did they -- or they would have had to claim that money and they didn't have anything like that on their taxes. In fact, after looking at their taxes I would say the IRS needs to audit them -- but of course, that is really not why I have their taxes. One... they aren't being truthful on their return, or they really don't make enough money to support their family now (they have 4 children too). How could they take on the station lease? I think they only want it for the cash flow... and we already got stuck once before with a lessee that used the cash money they were supposed to be paying for the gasoline with ~~ for himself and left us with the bill for the gasoline when he left. It was terrible to have him steal like that... but we recovered and learned and paid it all back to the supplier. Thankfully my son does all the day to day with the station -- but I am the advice, paperwork, lease issues, etc. person in our little LLC.

      Nap...I need one. Hubby said he'd drive grandson home himself. I don't know yet. I want to do stuff... my body is not co-operating.


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        Everybody needs to get a good night's sleep tonight - including me. I woke up at 3AM, came downstairs & had a mug of tea & read for about 2 hours. I was heading back to bed when Rich was coming down because he couldn't sleep anymore. All mixed up with a lot on our minds and a lot to accomplish.