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    Well Lisa had lay down and took a long nap when she got in from work yesterday. Little lady was worn out. Know she had worked those few hours worried about baby. They had got her out her classroom when he had his accident, but only to get permission what to do with him. She ask to let Pop pick him up, so he waited in the nurse office for Pops (crying). Took pops maybe 10 minutes tops to get there, but Lisa not allowed to stay with the baby even that long. She back to her classroom. Being only 2 he was scared. She called on her break to check on him, but scared. Don't need that extra tension when pg. When got back from farmers market, fixed a sandwich and glass of milk and lay down. The baby lay down with her, and normally would of put in his bed. Didn't have the heart to do that. So now she can't rest, but pops and I didn't wake her up yesterday.

    When heard her get up, I got up also. She had got a carton of her strawberries from frig. I ask if she wanted perserves made, and said yes. So we just worked on them together and used 4 of her cartons and 4 of mine and make a big pot of the perserves and got in jars. Will just divide out when she starts home. That left each of us 1 pk for reg eating. I know this year her canning will be limited also.

    Pops back up also. Said he would fix breakfast for all this morning. When he saw what we doing, ask if wanted him to go get more. Lisa said Pops would be great, afraid she was going to miss out this year. He told her no baby girl, this old man can do perserves. So she gave Pops $10 to get her 2 deals if they have them when he goes. The kids are trying. Maybe wait until daylight to go.

    Give us time to just sit and talk, while working with the berries. She appreciates them letting her work less hours, but said she seems to get the jobs nobody else wants. So really they not doing what the doctor note says. And the one week, when a few at the festival for a display, really pushed her then. Not sure how long she will be able to work like this. But said Mark Jr doing all he can to help with things at home, and them staying with us some helps. Trying we want her and both babies to be safe. Said feels real bad not to be able to do some things normal that she had done with baby. Tried to tell her, Pops would take him to feed ducks and mini outings *ice cream, or ride off with him, so he not getting left out. But right now things just so different for Lisa. Always been outdoor person.

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    Sorry about work and things for Lisa. Thankful you guys can look after her -- esp. with Mark Jr's internship and all and them needing the insurance coverage. That would be a lot of money for their family if they had to pay it all themselves.

    I am weak. Been sleeping ...naps and in the evening on the couch and even bed time sleeping "better" than normal -- meaning more hours in a row... even up to 3 to 3.5 which I never usually do.
    Still on antibiotics. Stopped eye drops as they were burning when they went in and annoying me till I used saline to rinse it out. Pharmacist said it's not infectious after 24 hours of the eye drops... so I am sure it's fine. Have no energy at all. Waiting for it to return... esp. before we leave on Thursday for Sesame Park with the grands!